Diet for Diabetes Mellitus

Diet for Diabetes Mellitus. Since diabetes mellitus can bring some serius complication to you (and even death!) you should not underestimate it by doing nothing to prevent its coming. One easy way to prevent yourself from diabetes mellitus is by changing your way of life, include your diet menu. Yes, diabetes mellitus might come because of your unhealthy diet. So, here are some safe foods to be consumed for people suffered from diabetes mellitus or for those who want to make themselves away from diabetes mellitus:

Diet for Diabetes Mellitus

Alternative sugar. What kind of sugar that you consume in your ddaily life? One comes from cane? Those who suffered from diabetes mellitus or want to make themselves away from it should start to change their sugar. You can make your life sweeter by using sugar made from corn.

Yam. People in the advanced stage of diabetes mellitus mostly being suggested to take yam than rice. It is because yam has low-sugar lever than rice but still gives your body carbohidrate.

Fruits and vegetables. Cabbages, cucumber, carrot, apple, and rose-apple are suggested to be consumed by people who suffered from diabetes mellitus. Those fruits and vegetables are able in causing your pancreas producing insulin.

Taking enough water everyday. People with diabetes mellitus are very suggested to take enough water in their daily diet. By taking enough water, you can keep yourself away from dehidration since thirsty is one of diabetes mellitus symptoms.

Garlic and onion. As your information, garlic and onion are able in reducing your sugar level up to 20 percent. You can consume both by adding them to your meals or by making juice made from them.

Honey. Honey is also able in curing diabetes mellitus. However, you should take it in a proper portion.

Tea is another diet for diabetes mellitus suggestion. You can cure your diabetes mellitus or prevent yourself from it by consuming 1 spoon of tea plus one glass of hot water every morning and afternoon.

Special milk for people with diabetes mellitus. Suffered from diabetes mellitus means that you should be selective in consuming milk. You are suggested to take one that is specially made for people with diabetes mellitus. You can also take whole milk rather than the processed ones.

Cereals are also good in making yourself away from diabetes mellitus. However, you are suggested not to take those sold in the store. Better for you to take the organic ones. Types of cereals that you can consume are bean, corn, soybean, and wheat. You are also suggested to process them by adding some other foods for people with diabetes mellitus, for example you can consume bean by adding some lime. Or you can fry soybean by using olive oil.

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