10 healthy foods for the diabetics diet

10 healthy foods for the diabetics diet. People who have diabetes should eat more foods which can reduce the blood sugar. There are various foods that can be consumed by people who have diabetes. All of them can be made into delicious and delightful meals.

Beans are rich of protein but low in saturated fat. It is good to satisfy your hunger and supply energy. The fiber in the beans helps you to feel full longer. The high level of calcium contained in beans help you to burns fat. Beans are good for salad and soup.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yoghurt are so delighting. Luckily, people who have diabetes are allowed to have these products in their meals. They are good source of calcium and vitamin D. It is believed that people who consume enough calcium and vitamin D have lesser probability to develop diabetes. Make sure that you do not eat lots of them because the excessive amount can raise the cholesterol level in the body.

Salmon is considered as the heathiest fish in the world. It provides omega-3, a healthy fat that reduce the risk of heart disease and improve insulin resistance. It is also a good source of vitamin D. Salmon is good for dinner. You can saute a salmon fillet or make it into other delicious dinner.

Tuna is also a healthy fish. Like salmon, it provides omega-3 and vitamin D. Tuna provides more various delicious meals. You can make it into steak, add it into your sandwich, or grill it for burger.

Oats is rich of soluble fiber which slows the rate of body process to break down and absorb carbohydrate. Therefore, the blood sugar will remain stable. Oats also reduce the amount of unnecessary cholesterol and improve insulin resistance. Oats are good for breakfast, pancakes, and healthy cookies.

Berries contain high polyphenols which act as antioxidant. It lowers the risk of having heart disease and blood pressure. You can add add berries to your oatmeal and salad.

Greens vegetables supply considerable amount of fiber and calcium. The folate is good to reduce the probability of having heart disease.

Walnuts supply fiber and omega-3. They are definitely good to reduce cholesterol level. You can add walnuts to salad, cookies, or brownies.

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoid, antioxidant which improves the amount of good cholesterol, reduce the bad cholesterol level, and reduce blood pressure. Dark chocolate can be made into heavenly sweet and delighting snacks and desserts.

Flaxseed is a source of ALA which then transformed into EPA and DHA in your body. They lower the risk of heart disease, cholesterol level, and blood sugar.

Having diabetes does not mean hinder you from eating delicious foods. Though you cannot eat all of your favorite foods, you can make your diet into pleasurable feast. Check your blood sugar level regularly and spend enough time to have a good quality sleep.

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10 healthy foods for the diabetics

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