10 Useful Foods for Diabetes Diet

10 Useful Foods for Diabetes Diet. When people know that they have diabetes, they get worried whether their life will be normal or not. They will imagine having insulin injection all the time and doing diet program. Though diabetes needs a long time for recovery, diabetes can be managed. You need to have healthy lifestyle and regular medication.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease when people have high level of sugar or glucose in the blood because of inadequate insulin production. People who have diabetes tend to have more frequent urination and hungry sensation. Diabetes is divided into two categories.

  • Diabetes Type 1 occurs to people under the age 20. Patients with this type of diabetes are usually thin. When the autoantibody defects the pancreas and affects the function to secrete insulin, type 1 diabetes occurs. Treatment for diabetes type 1 patients requires insulin supply through injection or pump.
  • Diabetes Type 2 is a common disease of elderly people. It occurs after the age of 35. What makes it different from diabetes type 1 is that patients who have diabetes type 2 are fat. This type of diabetes occurs when plenty of insulin is produced but cannot function well. Cardiovascular diseases can be the diseases that follow diabetes type 2. Therefore, patients need treatment for the blood pressure and cholesterol level.

The Don’ts

Diabetics are not allowed to eat foods containing high sugar and cholesterol. There are some categories of food which cannot be consumed by the patients.

Refined starch

Refined starch is a processed-carbohydrate foods, which supplies considerable amount of sugar. These processed-carbohydrate foods include white breads, sweets, chips, or cookies. They can increase your blood sugar level significantly.

Saturated fats

Saturated fats are sourced from animal products such as red meats, processed meats, milk, and cheeses. Fat can be found in ice cream and butter as well. People blame excessive intake of saturated fats as the factor which raises the cholesterol level in the body.

Trans-fatty acids

As well as saturated fats, trans-fatty acids are hazardous for diabetes patients. The diabetes patients should avoid margarine, shortening, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. This acid is widely used for enhancing flavor and preserving food. The products of trans-fatty acids like pizza, cookies, pie crust, French fries, and other snack foods are to avoid. Trans-fatty acids have greater probability to cause heart disease and diabetes type 2.

People who have diabetes should not work very hard because it affects the metabolism system. Do not consume coffee, because the amount of caffeine makes you stay awake, disturbing the time of sleeping.



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