Easy Ways for Diabetes Prevention Diet

Easy Ways for Diabetes Prevention Diet. Nowadays, we almost have no chance and time to maintain healthy life. We might have less vegetables or fruits intake. As the alternative, we do snacking. The bad thing is that snacks such as sweets, cokes, instant juices contain high amount of added sugar. Excessive intake of sugar can increase the risk of diabetes.

Easy Ways for Diabetes Prevention Diet

Diabetes is a disease when people have high level of sugar or glucose in the blood because of inadequate insulin production. People who have diabetes tend to have more frequent urination and hungry sensation. Diabetes is divided into two categories.

Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes type 1 occurs to people under the age 20. Patients with this type of diabetes are usually thin. When the autoantibody defects the pancreas and affects the function to secrete insulin, type 1 diabetes occurs.

Diabetes Type 2, Diabetes type 2 is a common disease of elderly people. It occurs after the age of 35. What makes it different from diabetes type 1 is that patients who have diabetes type 2 are fat. This type of diabetes occurs when plenty of insulin is produced but cannot function well. Cardiovascular diseases can be the diseases that follow diabetes type 2.

Diabetes prevention attempt can be done through managing foods which we consume everyday. It does not mean that you should eliminate sugar and fat intake entirely since they also play important role to maintain our health.

Sugars and Fats

Preventing diabetes does not mean crossing out sugar intake from your food list. Many people are getting paranoid of the sugar myth in diabetes. They prefer to reduce even eliminate the amount of sugar intake. Carbohydrate rich source of foods such as rice and wheat are also avoided since it has contribution to increase blood sugar. In fact, sugar is needed for the body to act as a fuel to enable metabolism process in the body. Though cutting down sugar is suggested to prevent diabetes, it does not mean that we should erase it completely. You can substitute the sugar with diabetic sugar which specially made to prevent diabetes.

If you are diagnosed to have diabetes trait, you can also enjoy sweet dinner. The key is to eat it in small portion. When you used to eat pudding or tart for dinner, eat them in half. If you have time, you can make your own dessert. Add only ⅔ or ¾ cup from the suggested amount in the recipe. Since soda and juice sold in the supermarket contains lots of added sugar, reduce the consumption.

Carbohydrates are absolutely needed for your body to be burned as energy. Instead of crossing out carbohydrates from the list, you can substitute the carbohydrate-rich foods with foods that contains carbohydrate and high fiber. This kind of food needs longer time to be processed in the body leaving full sensation longer and being unable to raise blood sugar level. These foods can be brown rice, sweet potato, and whole-wheat pasta.

Fats intake to prevent diabetes is still debatable. Actually, we need healthy fats to reduce the risk of heart disease and improve insulin resistance. Wise consumption of fats in diabetes prevention is reducing unhealthy fats and adding healthy fats. Unhealthy fats are saturated fats and trans-fatty acids. Saturated fats can be found in all animal products like red meats, milk, and cheeses. This unhealthy fat are also found in our favorite ice cream and butter as well. People tend to raise the cholesterol level in the body as they consume large amount of saturated fats. To avoid trans-fatty acids, we need to avoid margarine, shortening, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Trans-fatty acids have greater probability to cause heart disease and diabetes type 2.

Reducing unhealthy fats as well as adding the healthy ones are simple. We can fry with olive oil to eliminate unhealthy fats from butter or vegetable oil. Other cooking process such as grilling, broiling, baking, and stir-frying are highly suggested. Before you cook chicken, remove the chicken skin and the fat layer first.

Good foods for preventing diabetes

It is believed that reducing 5% to 10% of the body weight is effective to reduce the risk of having diabetes. There are several foods that are good for diabetes prevention diet.

  • Beans, are rich of protein but low in saturated fat. It is good to satisfy your hunger and supply energy. The fiber in the beans helps you to feel full longer. The high level of calcium contained in beans help you to burns fat. Beans are good for salad and soup.
  • Salmon and tuna, provide omega-3, a healthy fat that reduce the risk of heart disease and improve insulin resistance.
  • Oats, is rich of soluble fiber which slows the rate of body process to break down and absorb carbohydrate. Therefore, the blood sugar will remain stable. Oats also reduce the amount of unnecessary cholesterol and improve insulin resistance.

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