Symptoms of Having too much Zinc

Symptoms of Having too much Zinc. Zinc is needed to distribute oxygen from lungs to the rest parts of our body through blood. Even though it is important, too much zinc is not good for our body. Actually, excessive amount of zinc is a genetic problem named hemochromatosis (HHC). A person with HHC does not show any visible symptoms. However, it can be seen from the blood tests. The excessive amount of zinc leads to health problems. There are some symptoms of having too much zinc in your body:

  • Anxiety, Your body knows and feels anxious because of the excessive amount of zinc. It can disrupt the works of your body parts. In addition, the anxiety comes and makes you nervous. Usually, anxiety disturbs your activities, concentration and also your sleeping time.
  • Diabetes, The excessive amount of zinc will stay in pancreas and affects the cells in our body. Automatically, it causes the production of insulin. In the ends, it causes diabetes. If there is no medical actions, this condition cause the damage of your pancreas.
  • Cardiomyopathy, When there is excessive amount of zinc, it will be distributed to heart muscles. It causes irregular heart condition and heart failure. Mostly, patients with heart problems have high amount of zinc in their bodies.
  • Jaundice, What is jaundice? As quoted from Boldsky, jaundice occurs when the rate of bilirubin in blood is increase. Later, it attacks liver and leads into liver failure.
  • Impotence, For men, the excessive amount of zinc causes impotence because testicles are shrunk. Mostly, this condition comes along with erectile dysfunction.
  • Hurt in Stomach, The increasing amount of zinc causes hurt in stomach. Usually, the stomach is also swollen.
  • Grayish Skin, Look at your skin closely, when your skin turns gray or seems like brass, it means that you have excessive amount of zinc in your blood.
  • Arthritis, Another sign that you have too much zinc is arthritis, the inflammation and swollen joints.

To know that you have too much zinc in your blood, you can have blood test in laboratory; especially when you’ve got some symptoms as mentioned above.

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