Brain Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Brain Cancer Causes and Risk Factors. The brain is an important point of all living, connection and thought, the center of management information, action, emotion as well. The brain is the most important part in our body, the brain was still the most understood part than other parts of our body, still have many secret that still exists and remains not resolved yet until today, for example about the memories, the reason why do we need sleep, why we have dreams? And what is the consciousness?

In general, human brain is divided into three parts, namely a large brain (cerebrum), cerebellum and brain stem. Each section is subdivided into smaller part, in which the each small part is still divided again, and again. Fill the space between the brain liquid, while three layers of the lining of the brain (meninges) and bone of the skull are protecting the exterior.

Brain Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Each part of the brain has possibility affected by cancer. Although a docile cancer, but because of the growth in the brain, it can be really dangerous. The cancer can interfere with the function and structure of the central nervous system damage, because it lies within a finite cavity of the skull. Through with the development of these cancers, it will be more depressing the tissue of brain. Though the volume cavity of cranial is very limited and may not be getting bigger. This is what makes the dizziness or headaches as an early indication of brain cancer.

Brain cancer can be caused by diverse things. The cause of brain cancer could be one or more than one and can generally be divided become two categories of factors:

  • Factor from the inside

Is a factor that comes from within ourselves. The main one is genetics or descendant. If there are relatives who have a history of brain cancer, it means that we have larger chances of getting brain cancer than those people whose families that do not have brain cancer. The other factor that can induce to brain cancer is a history of conflict if ever stumble your head. These crash can cause the tissue of brain has trauma to, so it could be the cause of the growth of abnormal tissue in the brain which can later develop into cancer of the brain.

  • External factors

It is a factor that comes from outside the body, usually in the form of foods and radiation. Certain drugs also are taken continuously potentially cause brain cancer. The other factors:

  1. Unhealthy lifestyle: smoking, junk foods, less fiber, etc.
  2. Karsiogenik materials: cooking oil over used, ingested chemicals
  3. Radiation: Radiation exposure in certain waves can trigger cancer cell growth

Indications of brain cancer that appear are depending on the part of the brain where the cancer come up. But the symptoms are the most common of brain cancer is a mild mental changes (psychomotor asthenia), such as forgetfulness, emotional instability, slowing of mental, irritability, and, loss of initiative, social activities and spontaneity, may be found depression and anxiety. Then the headache, feels heavy and throbbing, generally getting worse when night and when waking up in the morning. Vomiting are also indication of brain cancer, it is present in 30% of cases of brain cancer that typically accompanies a headache.

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