Nutrition therapy for Cancer Care

Nutrition therapy for Cancer Care. Nutritional theraphy or medical nutrition therapy is a therapy which is employed to treat medical diseases. In this therapy, the doctors or therapists encourage the patients to do diet program and monitor it. The healthy diet is designed according ot the patients’ condition and the expected goal of the program. Therefore, before the diet program is employed, the patients should take medical and psychosocial check up, health examination, examination of organ function, and history check up related to the diet program.

After carrying out this diet, the patients are expected to improve their health condition, cure the diseases, and reduce the risk of having complicated diseases following the root diseases. For example reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, or high cholesterol which usually follow diabetes. To improve their condition, the patients will combine their bio-chemical condition with diet and nutrition supplement. By treating the whole body instead of the diseases only, they can get their optimal health back.

Nutrition therapy for Cancer Care

One function of nutrition therapy is for cancer care. There is a chance to fight cancer if the patients have nutrition therapy. By maintaining the nutrition intake to their body, they also maintain your health. The nutrition enables the body parts to function well. As a good result, they can get the advantages , such as:

  1. Stimulate the immune system to function optimally
  2. Keep the mass of the body cells
  3. Renew and fix damaged body tissue
  4. Prevent the body from infection
  5. Strengthen the body and boost the energy
  6. Optimize the effect of the treatment to your body
  7. Improve your health and body condition faster after taking the treatment
  8. Help you have better life quality

Nutrition therapy is good to maintain their body condition while they go on through the cancer treatment. It keeps their body strong since it gives the body fuel to work and repair its condition fasterdue to the melanoma treatments, such as rays, surgery therapy, and chemo. When the body does not get the nutrition from outside, it will take it from the inside. It takes nutrition stored in the body like fat and protein which are necessary to build your body and boost energy. If this condition happens, the body loses the nutrition and the immune system will be impaired.

The report from National Cancer Institute shows that 1/3 of the patients who died of cancer suffered from malnutrition which then caused the fatal result. Nutrition therapy for Cancer Care. Therefore, it is necessary for cancer patients to keep the nutrition supply in their body as the fuel for carrying out the cancer healing process. In the diet, the patients should maintain the carbohydrate food, necessary proteins, and fat intake

Consult the professional dietitians to arrange the diet plans. They can help to choose the best foods to nourish the body. They will recommend several foods which help the patients manage the side effects of the treatments. If they find difficulty to consume foods (which is shown by vomitting), the dietitians can suggest the foods that can be tolerated by the body. The foods usually recommended are legumes, fish, fruits, vegetables, low fat yoghurt, and whole grains. They can also take supplements containing vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene, selenium, EPA, and other necessary nutritions.

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