Several Facts About Ovarian Cancer You Need to Know

Several Facts About Ovarian Cancer You Need to Know. There is no woman that does not feel threatened with this chronicle disease, ovarian cancer. And how could they not feel afraid about this type of cancer that only attacks women because obviously men do not have ovaries? It is very frightening because it has been recorded that half of women that have this disease cannot make it. So it is such a good thing for women to know anything and educate themselves about this kind of disease and here we want to enlighten you about several facts that you need to know about ovarian cancer which is one of the most dangerous disease that is highly deathly.

The Symptoms

This disease has really prominent symptoms so it is not one of the types of diseases that have silent symptoms in which they will “attack” you in the middle of the night and that is why you do not have enough preparation and do not know that you have been attacked until the condition you are in is very severe. So you now know that it is not one of them and it has several prominent symptoms that you can easily recognize so you can check your condition as soon as possible without waiting it to become worse.

There are several symptoms that will appear such as bloating, constipation, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, abnormal vaginal bleeding, weight changes that you cannot explain, severe fatigue, and also more frequent urination. So in conclusion, it will be closely related to your vital organ and also abdominal area problems. If you got more than three of these symptoms in the same time, you need to immediately got medical check up to prevent something worse. What tests you will likely go through? There are rectal exam, CA125 test, and also trans-vaginal ultrasound. And for the record, the Pap test you have got does not screen fro this kind of disease.

Low Risk and High Risk

If you got breast cancer, it will likely for you to get this ovarian cancer as well because some researchers that have been doing some researches in these diseases found that both of these diseases likely have the same pathways into women’s bodies so you might be really careful if you have or had the history of breast cancer. And if you are at high risk because of your family history, you can actually low the risk by consuming birth control pills.

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