Tanning Facts: You Should Know about

Tanning Facts: You Should Know about. Look at those magazines. Both models and celebrities show their tanned skins proudly. They seem so healthy and attractive with their skins. It’s summer, white and pale skins are not hype at all. Is it the right time to go to indoor tanning centers? Stop right now. There are some tanning facts that you should know. First, it is related with tanning bed. According to the World Health Organization, there is no safe way to get tan. Even though tan skin looks cool, the risk of having melanoma or skin cancer is really high. Do you really want to trade your health with trends? There are more scary tanning facts.

Here are the next tanning facts. You might think that skin cancer is found in older people. No, you are totally wrong. Based on some researches, it is known that melanoma or skin cancer found in young people between 19-30 years old. Skin cancer does not relate with age. Even teenagers have to struggle in order to have healthy skin. You do not want to lose your healthy skin, right? It would be a long and tiring fight if you get skin cancer. Therefore, do not forget to use sunscreen whenever you go outside. And, get more knowledge from tanning facts.

Tanning Facts: You Should Know about

There are tanning facts that related with tanning bed. There are a lot of promotions from tanning salon. They come with different package that attract you. Even though the price to get tanned skin is not expensive, you should think about the side effect. If you use tanning bed before the age of 35, it increases the risk of having skin cancer. And you know the rate? The risk of developing skin cancer reaches 75 percent. Moreover, UV rays from tanning beds are five time stronger than the mid-day summer sun. Imagine if you do not know those tanning facts.

Last but not least, you have to know that tanned skin is not cool at all. It means that you’ve got damaged skin. Yes, you cannot get your prime skin anymore after you get fake tanned. It is really possible for you to ignore the other tanning facts. However, tanned skin is the end of your natural healthy skin. Even though the tan fades, the damage is still there. Surely, you do not want to get more troubles because of the tanned-skin trends, right? Stick to your sun screen lotion and always remember the tanning facts.

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