Baby Acne Treatment Home Remedies

Baby Acne Treatment Home Remedies. Acne is not only occur in adolescents or adults, but also occur in newborns. The acne that occur in most babies usually are not harmful. Irritation due to saliva, vomit milk or coarse cloth from the use of detergents are things that may cause acne in babies. Since newborns have acne may occur, but the most acne are discovered only after several weeks of birth

Two types of acne that occur on infant:

1. Acne Blackheads (akul neonatorum)

Blackheads acne experienced by 50% of infants, this acne occurs in infants aged 2-4 weeks, and if severe can turn into ulcers. Acne can occur in infants up to 8 months, and will disappear by itself. infant acne usually appear on the face or back of the baby.

Until now the cause is unknown. Presumably due to high levels of androgens in sebaceous glands (oil) to the infant through the placenta (maternal placenta). Baby Acne Treatment Home Remedies. In mild cases, the response simply by bathing the baby.

2. Acne Stone (milia)

Found in nearly 40 percent of infants. The shape of a small pimple, 1-2 mm, pearl white or yellowish. Acne can appear in a big quantities or less. This acne usually appears on the face such as cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, and sometimes the upper body, in feet, mucous membranes of the genitals or mouth.

The cause is the presence of keratin retention (substances which should be removed from the body but is hampered) and sebaceous glands in the upper skin layer (superficial). Milia are less of harm, so don’t require special treatment. Baby Acne Treatment Home Remedies. Disappear spontaneously in 3-4 weeks after emerging. The important thing to remember is don’t jab to eliminate because it can cause injury and then bacterial infection.

The baby acne appear in the face or back area. This can be caused by hormones that infants received from their mothers in the end of pregnancy. Baby acne on that area could be lost within a few days but often there are up to several months before they disappear. If within twelve weeks of acne is not lost, you should have your baby checked by a doctor. There are some things that should be considered by parent of baby acne, and how is the treatment of baby acne:

  1. Leave on existing acne on the baby if it does not interfere with your baby
  2. Do not put the oil or cream on babys skin with acne, it can make matters worse the babys skin.
  3. Not too often wash the babys skin because it can increase the risk of irritation. simply wash the babys skin with soap and water twice a day and wipe with a soft dry
  4. Do not hold or suppress acne, because the hands are sterile may cause infection
  5. Do not carelessly give medication before consulting a doctor

But to avoid irritation and acne in infants as a parent you have to pay more attention to skin health and hygiene of your baby and objects around you. so the possibility of irritation, acne or other diseases that can be minimized.

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