Baby Rash All Over Body no Fever

Baby Rash All Over Body no Fever. Do you have a baby? Do you often find a rash on certain parts of the body of your baby? You must recognize the rash that occurs in your childs body, it could be a red rash on your childs body is a sign of serious illness.

The rash that occurs in your child could be caused by prickly heat or diaper rash caused by a worn baby. Baby Rash All Over Body no Fever. But there is also a rash of serious illness is an indication that your baby will experience.

The rash is commonly experienced by your child is usually caused by prickly heat. Baby Rash All Over Body no Fever. Prickly heat is a condition where your babys sweat glands channel becomes blocked due to dead skin cells that can not be completely wasted, as a result there will be red spots on your babys skin is accompanied by itching. Prickly heat will be easily cured and not harmful to the baby.

There is some rash that you should be aware, as an early symptom of several serious diseases. Some signs are as follows:

1. Sign rash illness rubella

Rubella is a mild infection that occurs in infants. On the first day of sick infants with measles like rash appears. Although there is no special treatment in this disease but if the baby does not heal within four days you should bring your baby to the doctor.

2. Sign of a rash of measles

Measles is an infectious disease with an incubation period of about ten to fourteen days. Early symptoms are high fever and seemed to be flu. After a few days the rash will appear that will arise in the face and spreads throughout the body. If the babys condition deteriorated even difficulty breathing you must immediately bring your child to the doctor.

3. Red rash causes Roseola

Roseola is infectious diseases in infants whose symptoms include reddish spots occur on the skin like a rose so that the disease called roseola. The infection is mostly among infants aged 6 months to 2 years (infant). However, the highest incidence rate found in infants aged 6-12 months. This disease is also known as exanthem subitum. The difference of this disease with measles are roseola rash on infant arise after the childs fever down, while the measles appear when fever is high. This disease can be treated with fever-lowering medication, pack your childs baby and give plenty of fluids like water or milk, if necessary, take your child to the doctor.

4. Signs of chickenpox rash

Chicken pox is caused by a viral infection that causes red patches and itching in the chest and back. But it could also occur throughout the body. The red patches over time will turn into pimples like droplets of water and then dry and become scabs. Usually the child will feel ill before the spots appear. Parents should immediately take your child to the doctor if the child feels pain, refuses to drink, a rash or a rash near the eye, such as infected patches (red area that spreads around it) or fever does not go down. Keep the child does not feel the heat, because it should not take long pants or a jacket to reduce the appearance of a pimple. Childs fingernails cut to reduce the scratch, giving lotion to relieve itching and provide fever relief medication accordingly.

5. Sign of fifth disease rash

The disease is also known as slapped cheek disease, since there is a rash like punch in the cheek. This mild infection caused by parvovirus. Rash like this punch will initially appear on the face, but can spread to the body and sometimes the child has a sore joint. Fifth disease can cause anemia in children with sickle cell disease.

Similarly, some diseases are initially symptom rash on the childs body. Hopefully this info can help you to recognize early symptoms of rash on the child, whether the rash is dangerous or not.

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