How to Wax Your Legs

How to Wax Your Legs. Disturbing the fine hairs in the armpit area, legs and arms? Do not necessarily shave off and thinking problems fuzz has been finished, apparently not. Because, by shaving, skin irritation risk is greater. One way that is considered efficacious is waxing. This is a new technique, but still a lot is wrong in interpreting waxing and finally decided to at waxing. Because, before waxing, you should know the type and the area to be on the waxing.

Waxing is a technique to clean the skin of fine hairs, though not so obvious, but many women feel less comfortable even considered as a barrier to looking good. Waxing can be done for eyebrows, mustaches, armpits, hands, legs, and thighs. There are even waxing to enhance your intimate parts which refer to the bikini line waxing and brazilian wax.

How to Wax Your Legs


Which woman does not want to look sexy when wearing a mini skirt? Legs are sexy, not just smooth without scratches, but also not bothered by the heavy legs like a footballer. If by chance you are being disturbed by the presence of feathers on the legs, why not try to eliminate them in a way be waxed? For more details, try considering the following.

In the past women Epilation or using hair removal to the root, to remove the hairs that are not desired in the body, but now it is much more popular method chosen waxing women. Let us discuss one by one method. Epilation or hair removal is divided into two methods, namely the permanent alias durable and the temporary or transitory. Heres how to wax your legs,

  • Permanent Epilation is a way to pull out using a device resembling a pen with a needle. Or can also use a laser beam. According to the experts in this way can damage the hair follicles, so hair or hair not growing anymore.
  • Epilation transient (temporary). This method uses wax (wax), can also use tweezers or revocation la India using braid. In this way the hair growth usually can last up to 6-8 weeks.

Of the two ways above, of course, waxing is the most familiar to you. Besides being too expensive, it is also calculated effective. The process is not too long and the results were satisfactory. And even more promising is waxing can be done at home, so the secrecy is guaranteed, of course, practical and efficient in the bag. To try it out, do the following steps:

  1. Apply cream wax on the area you want cleaned
  2. Paste calico fabric lengthwise size
  3. Perform stretching the part that has been affixed to the fabric and ready to be waxed to avoid pain
  4. Once ready, direct and instantly pull the feathers were plucked.

For treatment, also note:

  • You should not swim or soak feet first for a while
  • Avoid using lotion first, let alone that contain alcohol or fragrances.

To complement your knowledge about waxing, I will share several tips to minimize the irritation if you want to do waxing. Remember, waxing can only be done on the skin with a maximum of 0.6 cm long fur. Use antibiotic cream form for 2-3 days after waxing, functions as a moisturizer and avoid irritation. If skin irritation caused by waxing, use a thin cloth soaked with milk powder and cold water, then put 10 minutes and is repeated several times. Although painful, but the result is smoother and cleaner. Hair growth was slower 4-6 weeks. For women who have sensitive skin it is good to try or test the product first.

Preparation, check the first part of the skin that you want waxing, whether being irritated or not. If the net from the wound then you give a special lotion for waxing that serves to sterilize the skin is. Then Dab chamomile powder so that the oil on the skin is absorbed and your skin feels comfortable.

You also need to know about the types of waxing because there are two kinds. Hot waxing, usually done in salons or certain clinics using heated wax or wax first. There is also a kind of hot waxing called sugaring is using sugar instead of wax melted. Then cold waxing is a wax that does not require heating procedure first. Usually it can be found in supermarkets in the form of ready-made tube.

The cost that you spend time waxing varies in every place and it all depends what type of wax you will use. If used is then melted sugar prices will be cheaper but if you use a special wax will be more expensive. Whatever your choice is certain to do waxing at a guaranteed cleanliness also use the right wax. Pick the right time to do the waxing, generally waxing done every two weeks for having dense fur. But for the normal growth of fur you should do every 3 or 4 weeks to keep skin smooth.

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