Explore Your Beauty With Nail Art Design

Explore Your Beauty With Nail Art Design. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No matter how hard we try, no matter how much money we spent, beauty cannot be bought. The way we see beauty in us is the way we value ourselves. For some people, fair skin or round eyes do not determine the beauty. The others believe that beauty is to be explored. Sometimes people color their hair, do make up, or have plastic surgery.

For all beautiful ladies, it is worth to try to do something with small parts of your body, your NAIL! Despite the small size, nail can reflect your beauty. You can polish your nail if you want. When it becomes too boring, why don’t you try to have nail design or nail art?

Nail Designs and Nail Arts

Korean wave is overflowing worldwide. Besides the song and choreography, the Korean fashion is also popular among K-Pop lovers. If you pay attention, many Korean celebrities love to have nail designs. Nail design is purely made from nail polish. You can add glitters if you like. Making nail art designs are not difficult. You can make them yourself. What you need are nail polish, creativity, and patience. You need to pay attention to the detailed designs such as the dots, strips, checkerboards, zigzags, curves, and the lines.

Nail designs and nail arts are basically the same. The only difference is that nail arts add small accessories to the nails, such as nail stickers, small beads, or small figures. Both nail designs and nail arts are beautiful. Nail art is getting popular now. When you go to the mall, you often find a small stall offers you the chance to make your nail beautiful. Like nail designs, nail arts offer various beautiful and colorful ornaments for your nails. The ornaments usually have their own themes. You do not need to spend a lot of money to make nail designs or nail arts. You can use your own nail poilish to make them. Nowadays, many accessories stores provide nail arts’ accessories. Therefore, you can make your own designs and arts.

How to Make Zebra Nail Design

What you needs are base coat, black, yellow, and brown nail polishes. First, apply the base coat. Then apply yellow nail polish thoroughly. Since it is consists of multiple colors which are placed on top of each other, you do not need to give thick texture, thinner one will be good. Apply the brown color in the center of your nail. Make a fade out color. The shape is similar to a flame. To make the strips of the zebra, apply black nail polish on the top of the two colors. Make sure that the black color spreads out on the various parts of the surface to emphasize the natural color of zebra.

How to Make Simple Nail Art

Nail arts make your nail looks dazzling. You can make unique and beautiful designs like flowers, figures, animals, fruits, emoticons, or hearts. The designs are made by applying nail stickers which are available in accessories stores. To make simple nail arts, you need two nail coats. You need base coat to protect your nail from damage and you need top coat to maintain your nail arts last longer. Te first thing to do is cover your nail with the base coat thoroughly. Then, you can apply single color nail polish. Choose any colors that you like. Apply the nail polish thoroughly to provide the background. You can also add second color to emphasize the accent. After applying the nail polish, put the stickers. Flower nail stickers provide more color. Put the stickers on the tip of the nails. You can add the leaves by making small leaves using green nail polish. The last touch, cover the nail arts with top coat.

Beauty Tips

We should maintain our nail health as well as other body parts’ health. Make sure that your nail polish remover is acetone free. Acetone weakens the nail roots. When you use plenty of acetone, it also makes your nail plate goes thinner. Is it necessary to use a base coat? Yes, of course. Covering the nail with a base coat before polishing to prevent ugly yellowish color appears on your nail. For all beautiful ladies who love polishing their nails, you can manage the nail growth and strength by applying almond oil. Rub your nail with a few drops of almond oil in the evening. It also treats the skin around the nail. If you cannot find almond oil, olive oil will work as well.

Nail designs and nail arts support your appearance. Before you go to a party, make nail designs or nail arts which best suit your dress. You will look dazzling and gorgeous. Surprisingly, you do not need to spend much money because you can make them by your own at home. Nail designs or nail arts are worth to try. So, are you ready, ladies?

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