Tips To Make Up Looks Natural And Flawless

Tips To Make Up Looks Natural And Flawless. Natural makeup and flawless today become an idol for women. Whether in a relaxed atmosphere as well as formal occasions, natural makeup used by women of various ages. Even in western countries, the bride was using it on their wedding day.

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  1. Clean your face first, Before applying makeup, wash your face with soap or facial cleanser. The face is clean of dirt, oil and dead skin will be more receptive to makeup.
  2. Moisture, Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin condition. Moisture can be a potent skin protector. Selecting a moisturizer that contains vitamin E can also be done so that the skin looks softer.
  3. Foundation, One important trick that makeup look natural is to choose the right foundation color. Choosing the appropriate color so that the makeup does not look thick.
  4. Eye, You can use the natural color of eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner. But make makeup as simple as possible. The shape of the eyebrows can also affect the eye makeup. Use a bit of eyebrow pencil the same color as the original to form eyebrows.
  5. Lip, Choose light-colored lip gloss to your lips. You can also use a lip balm so lips look more natural.

You have more tips, Ladies? Share your secret tricks in the comments

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