How to Choose the Best Concealer

How to Choose the Best Concealer. Sometimes, we have one thing that we want to hide from our faces. They are acne scars, sun spots and dark circles. Concealer is one thing that we must have in our makeup. But it has pros and cons. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Find a concealer for skin problems. Is this important? Concealer has its own functions. That concealer is often liquid, cream or maybe stick. For example, to use concealer, use a concealer with a liquid texture.
  2. Choosing a concealer for pimples. It takes a lot of experimentation to find the right concealer. The key is to avoid excessive use of concealer. Use concealer on the acne prone area using your little finger. Concealer cream will help fading acne than the liquid concealer.
  3. Disguise acne scars. You can use a peach to neutralize the color of your acne scars. Do not forget to use foundation.
  4. Dark stains or spots. Use concealer to match the skin color on your face . Dont use it thickly!
  5. Reddened area. Most people have reddened skin around their nose. This can be handled by using a concealer. However, if the area looks very rosy, you can use green concealer to neutralize the redness of your skin.
  6. Black eye bags. Dark circles or bags under your eyes can be disguised by using a concealer. Use peach color to neutralize the dark color . Proper use is important to get the best results. Avoid using a concealer with bright colors.
  7. Covering Tattoo. Makeup for special effects need concealer with super abilities. Normally it is used for shooting purposes.
  8. Disguise the appearance of wrinkles. The use of concealer may decrease wrinkles. Use a primer to fill in fine lines so that you can maximize the use of concealer.

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