5 Reasons You Do not Need to Use Eye Lashes

5 Reasons You Do not Need to Use Eye Lashes. Not all women like to use false eyelashes. Although the current experiment, the results of the use of false eyelashes can make us amazed. But there are some things that make us think twice to use false eyelashes.

If you want to wear a dilemma false eyelashes or not, you can consider some of the following reasons. Check this out, ladies.

  • It is difficult to use, so you need time to put it carefully in your eyes. Many women still need other people in putting false eyelashes. If you need a quick dress up, just count your eyelashes, eyelash curler and mascara.
  • Weight when used, often make us feel uncomfortable. Sure, more slender and more beautiful thick, but not all women like it. If you are not in the mood with heavy makeup, you do not need to use it.
  • Pain when released, because there is glue used to be able to make it not easy to fall. So if you avoid irritation and difficulty removing or cleaning, do not have to use the eyelash.
  • Sensitive eyes, please do not try if you do have sensitive eyelid irritation or fear. Some false eyelashes is sensitive to a particular person. so adjust as needed.
  • Avoiding silly incident, this may sound strange, but not a few women who use false eyelashes and did not realize that their false eyelashes come off. Ouch, embarrassed right judging people. There was also an incident eyelashes in a sad movie that makes the scene so funny because its like false eyelashes canopy retaining water.

Does not need to be upset if you are reluctant to use false eyelashes. A beauty blogger said, performing the appearance according to your mood. Stay pretty, Ladies.

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