Ideas for Baby Shower Cup Cakes

Ideas for Baby Shower Cup Cakes. Having newborn baby is a kind of very wonderful moment in life. People often celebrate it by making baby shower cup cakes in numerous recipes and cute decoration.

Ideas for baby shower cup cakes

Below are some ideas for decorating shower cup cakes for your cute baby:

Baby Animal. Baby animals are cute; just like your newborn baby. Use this theme to cheer up your baby. For baby animal, duckling is the one most parents vote for. Besides, baby teddy bear is also favorable since it is sweet and also cuddly. Or you might want to have the cute newborn lamb? That will also be a great choice.

Butterfly. Especially for those who have baby girls, butterfly can be another theme which is suitable. Butterflies are beautiful with their colorful colors; and your baby should love those bright colors on their shower cup cakes. Put some different butterflies in the cup cakes you make, to make it more attractive. You can buy the butterfly in crafts shops. Meanwhile, the flowers to accompany the butterflies are also important. You can make it by piping the colorful icing sugar.

Little Stars Cup Cakes. This astronomy subject has been one of the most favorite themes for baby shower cup cakes. You can have soft cake with blue fondant decorated by icing sugar with star shape. The combination of these two light color blue and yellow can be added by other color for the face of the little star. For example, put cherry on the stars will make them look more beautiful.

Blocks. Almost all kids and babies love playing blocks. This could be the reason why baby blocks can be another inspiration to decorate your baby shower cup cakes. Moreover, blocks are rich of interesting colors which will open the eyes of your babies because of their attractive look. You can add up several cute pictures on the blocks to make it much prettier. Almond cup cakes with this decorative item will be a perfect one.

No matter theme you are going to use for your baby shower cup cakes, please keep in your mind that the cup cake has only a narrow space. Therefore, you must know how you will divide that narrow space for putting several decorative items on the cup cake. Minimizing the size should be the only smart option. You can buy small butterflies for the cup cake, and pipe small sized stars on the surface of the cup cake. Besides, you can also create a little bigger cup cake so that the decoration will go more easily.

In addition, you must ensure that everything you use for decoration is safe, meaning that they will not affect the taste and safety of the food you serve.

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