On Punch Recipe for Baby Shower

Punch Recipe for Baby Shower. Are you going to create a baby shower party in your house? You should never forget the punch! Yes, the awaiting or the coming of newborn baby is often celebrated by holding party with family and friends. It is a kind of thankful party for welcoming the newest member of the family. In this kind of party, there are at least to core menu for the party goers, which are the baby shower cup cakes and the punch.

There are a lot of punch recipes you can try to please your guests. You can make use of numerous fruits and flavors to cheer up the situation with the fresh taste of the punch. These following are some punch recipes you can make it by your own for the upcoming baby shower party in your house.

punch recipe for baby shower

Sparkling juice of white grape. This punch recipe for baby shower will require you to take chilled juice of white grape and lemon soda; added with some green grapes as garnish. Mix the juice and lime-lemon soda in the pitcher for few minutes. Serve it in a glass with green grape on it.

Delicious Lime slush. Water, limeade concentrate, lime-lemon soda, and sugar are the ingredients you should raid from your fridge to make this punch recipe for baby shower. Combine all the ingredients together and wait until the sugar is melted. After that, put the mixed liquid in freezer container, cover it, and freeze it on the refrigerator. Open the frozen mixture few hours before you serve it. Chop it until it gets slushy and add soda before the serving time. As decoration, you can use lime slices.

Fresh Water Punch. In order to make this recipe, you need citric acid, sugar, water mixed with ice, and lemon extract. Mix all of them except the ice until they are dissolved. You can add the ice and also lemon slices as garnish right before you serve the punch.

Mango Lemonade punch. You can use either frozen or fresh mango to make this punch recipe for baby shower. Additional ingredients will be sugar, lime juice, and cold water. You will need to melt the sugar in boiling water and add cold water later. After they mix well, add the pureed mango and later on, the fresh juice of lime. Lastly, add the ice cubes before serving.

Strawberry Slushy. Get frozen strawberries, strawberry jam, plain seltzer, orange juice, and ice cubes to make strawberry slushy punch recipe for baby shower. Blend all of those ingredients until you get the mixture in soft texture. Serve it with strawberry slices to dress up your fresh slushy punch.

There are still more recipes for your baby shower party. Please refer to numerous websites which provide more recipes for the lovely punch for lovely guests.

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