Skin Problems Caused By Handphone

Skin Problems Caused By Handphone. Do you like calling without using a headset? It is a fun activity when you do it with friends. Talk about many things until late at night. If you do that, please stop this habit. It sounds trivial, but it brings some problems for your skin.

  • Neckline, You are often looked down while chatting with your friends. Dont care if it is in the car, waiting in the room, and on the street. This habit creates a problem for you . Neckline will appear soon.
  • Wrinkles on the face, Read text on the phone will make wrinkles. How could that be? Most people will not realize it. In addition, the font size is too small for you.
  • Dark spots on the face, Black spots on the face sometimes are caused by mobile phones. When using bluetooth, the signal will interfere the skin.
  • Pimple, You know that the bacteria attached on the phone will rub off on your face and it can develop into acne. So, it is recommended that you wash hands after doing activities, as well as do cleaning your phones .

Sometimes, the things done daily can bring problems . But you can avoid the problems by following the tips above.

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