Preventing Aging, Staying Young and Fresh

Preventing Aging, Staying Young and Fresh. Everyone wants to stay young and fresh without having any signs of aging. Who does not want it, anyway!? The problem is, your want does not enough to keep you young and fresh . There are lots of things you need to do to prevent aging . Here are some of them:

  • Quit smoking ! For some, cigarette might be a best company. Even you might think that you are cool by taking it. Don’t you remember that friend will never do any harm on you? Cigarette does! Then, start to consider that it is not your friend. What about being cool? Having your skin aging and suffer of some serious ilness because of taking cigarette are not cool, mates! Realize that!
  • Say no to alcohols. Alcohols will disturb the forming process of colagen. That makes it able in provocating aging . Therefore, preventing aging also means reducing alcohols consumptions.
  • Get enough time for sleeping. Don’t you know the proverb saying that ‘The God of small things’? That proverb also applies on the matter of preventing aging. Thing you need to keep you young and fresh could be a simple one, like having enough time of sleeping. Having enough time of sleeping will make you fresher since your body produces energy.
  • Another small thing you need to do in preventing aging is keeping positive thinking. Positive thinking won’t lead you into stress. Dealing with no stress is really important in order to get a healthy skin. If your are happier, your skin will be brighter.
  • Do not ever forget about 8-glasses-of-water rule. Your body needs at least 8 glasses of water for a day. If all you need is only taking eight glasses of water for each day in order to prevent aging, why won’t you do that?
  • Put sunblock on your skin before swinging your legs outside your house. Sunblock is really good in protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation. Getting less ultraviolet radiation is a crucial step to prevent aging.
  • Clean your skin, especially after spending some times outdoor. Though, subtances causing aging also can be found indoor, outdoor still becomes the center. Pollution, dust, and ultraviolet radiation, all of them are there, outside your living place. Once you go out, your skin will be contaminated by them. For you cannot help yourself to not to go anywhere, the best you can do is cleaning your body, especially faces and some uncovered-by-clothes parts.
  • Consume vegetables and fruits! Since alcohols is not good for your skin, taking vegetables and fruits juices is a good alternative. If you can make friend with alcohol though you know that alcohol is bad, i think it is easier for you to take vegetables and fruits juices as your friends, isn’t it?

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