Foods to Keep You Away from Aging

Foods to Keep You Away from Aging. Of course, no one can help themselves from getting older. Old age will come to everybody whether they want or not. One from some things that people afraid of getting older is about their appearance. Once you are getting older, you might find your some wrinklings on your skin. Your skin will not as sprinngy as yours at younger ages. Wrinklings are sign of the aging process of your skin. However, unlike getting older, having your skin aging is something you can manage. You can keep your skin away from aging. One of things to do in keeping your skin away from aging is taking some foods.

Foods to Keep You Away from Aging

Yes, you can manage your anti aging diet. Here are some of foods that you can take as your anti aging diet:

  • Bluberry, It is a colorful high-fiber fruit. It contains of vitamin and minerals. Bluberry is source of antioxidant that can help your skin and brain.
  • Salmon, Aging makes our brain’s function gradually decline. What makes salmon important in keeping you away from aging is its omega-3. Omega-3 in salmon can protect your brain, skin, eyes, and heart from aging process.
  • Yoghurt, beside keeping your digestion works well, also can make your skin away from aging.
  • Almond, In keeping you away from the aging process, you are also suggested to list almond in your diet menu. Almond contains high-callories and lots of phytosterols that can lower harmful cholesterol in your body and helps you in stabilizing sugar, especially for those suffered from diabetes mellitus. Almond also contains large amounts of vitamin E which is very important for your skin health. At the same time, almonds may also protect your blood vessels and enhance your cognitive abilities.
  • Tomatoes, especially the red ones, contain large amounts of lycopene. To gather more number of lycopene, you are suggested to take processed tomatoes . The lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body if it comes from the processed tomatoes.
    Research shows that diets by taking much lycopene may reduce the risk of bladder, lung disease, prostate, stomach-ache, as well as help in delaying skin aging.
  • Plum, can make you away from osteoporosis. Having no osteoporosis means that you are away from aging, right?
  • Walnut, contains more amounts of omega-3 rather than salmon. So, it might work better than salmon in keeping you away from aging. It keeps your brain, skin, eyes, and heart, indeed!
  • Vegetables, Kind of vegetables that you are suggested to take in your anti-aging program is spinach. Spinach and other vegetables with dark-green leaf can keep your eyes healthy besides making you away from osteoporosis.

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