Tips Shrink Pores With Natural Way

Tips Shrink Pores With Natural Way. The pores are small and smooth is the dream of many women, because it will show the face of a more refined and smooth. No wonder the women who have large pores are often insecure and feel her face is not smooth.

No need to worry, you can shrink pores with a few natural ways. Due to the natural method, the process takes time, but the results are usually natural and does not cause side effects. Reported by, heres how.

Clean Face, Residual facial oil, dead skin and dirt can clog pores and make it increasingly looks great. Because that wash your face regularly every day 2 times, before sleep.

Peeling Natural Ingredients, Once a week, do peeling or exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells. You can use natural ingredients, such as grated apple or cucumber finely. Apply on cleansed face and do massage. Rinse with clean water.

Do not hold the face with hands, Hands contain many bacteria and oils, which can carry dirt on your face and clog pores. Try not to touch your face except in conditions will apply cosmetics.

Use Ice Cubes, Wearing ice cubes can make pores appear smaller and make the makeup last longer. If you are going to wear makeup that is thick, rub the face with ice cubes first before applying makeup.

Use Special Makeup, There are some makeup that is produced for those who have large pores. Wear makeup to give the impression that the skin softer and smoother. However, the results of this makeup is usually only temporary, so the above treatments remains to be done.

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