Stress, Insufficient Sleep – Bad Habits that Affect Skin Health

Stress, Insufficient Sleep – Bad Habits that Affect Skin Health. Most of us these days spend lots of time focusing on the negative consequences of the sun and environment on our skin. However, what we fail to focus on is the modern lifestyle we lead that comprises of stress and lack of sleep. With the kind of lifestyle we lead these days, it is inevitable to avoid stress. Chronic stress can take a toll on your health, particularly the health of your skin. One of the negative effects of chronic stress is that it damages immune functioning of the skin and can cause numerous skin problems.

Apart from stress, lack of sleep is also responsible for numerous skin problems. One of the most common problems faced due to lack of sleep includes dark circles under the eye. The other skin problems that can occur due to inadequate sleep include fine lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes. Research findings show that both stress and insufficient sleep have widespread skin implications.

Cortisol Production, Stress & Lack of Sleep – Finding the Relation

Recent research elucidates the relation between cortisol production, stress and lack of sleep. It also sheds light on the effect these can have on skin health. A hormone known as cortisol is produced by our bodies due to chronic stress and insufficient sleep. The production of this hormone leads to an abrupt rise in blood sugar levels in our body. Besides increasing body weight and causing heart problems, cortisol effects skin health.

Stress, Insufficient Sleep – Bad Habits that Affect Skin Health

Here are a few skin problems you can get due to increased stress levels and insufficient sleep.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles – Once the cortisol is discharged by our body, it augments blood sugar levels, which encourages glycation in skin. Glycation completely destroys collagen in skin and results in inflexible skin tone. This leads to increase in fine lines and wrinkles in skin.

Dry Skin – Reduction of hyaluronic acid that acts as a moisturizing agent in skin is one of the major reasons for dry and damaged skin. Cortisol is a vital hormone that acts as a barrier and permits more amount of hydration to escape from the skin. This causes dehydration in the skin and results in skin dryness.

Acne – The release of cortisol also causes acne, which can worsen if you fail to beat stress and get enough sleep.

Beat stress and get a good sleep to have a healthy, glowing skin. Use skin care products like the Lifecell Cream that contains natural ingredients for a youthful appearance.

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