Make-Up to Deal with Your Aging

Make-Up to Deal with Your Aging. Skin aging is a natural process. Fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots can appear at anytime. Sometimes elderly women manage to eliminate or cover them up to create flawless and younger skin. Of course the effort takes lots of money. They even visit beautician to treat their aging skins using laser or surgery. In fact, you yourself can make your skin looks younger by doing it your own without any laser or surgery. You can look years younger with your make up. These following tips will help you.

  • Begin with skin primer, Robin Rylant, a celebrity makeup artist of Celine Dion suggests elderly women to have skin primer without applying make up. Skin primer will fill wrinkles causing them to look invisible.
  • Use lighter foundation, Thick foundation? NO WAY. It even makes you years older. To add younger look, you need to apply the liquid foundation with light color. According to Rylant, applying the foundation with sponge creates a better look than rubbing it to your skin face.
  • Say goodbye to clown eyes, Make sure that you can see the make up process well. If you cannot see it clearly, you can apply thick eye shadow and create crooked lines on the eyebrows and eyelids creating clowny look.
  • Enhance the eyes look, As you grow old, the eyelid seems lower. Therefore, draws thin line along the lashes with eyeliner. Apply on the top and the bottom.
  • ‘Grow’ the eyebrow, The eyebrow grows thinner and turns grey when you grow old. Apply eyebrow pencil to make it looks thicker.
  • No bleeding lips, The wrinkles on your lips make the lipstick fill the wrinkles and create bleedong color. To avoid the lipstick from filling the wrinkled lines, use moisturizer before you use lipstick.
  • Create younger lips, To improve the lips look, you need to make them look younger. To create younger look, you need to plump up the lips. As the initial step, Rylant suggests you to cover the lips with foundation. Next, create the lips line and fill them with lips pencil. Finally, you can apply the lipstick using lipstick brush. To improve the look, you need to maintain the overall health of your skins, eyes and lips. You can do these simple tips to improve the appearance of your skins, eyes and lips.
  • Moisture the lips, Apply lipbalm which contains shea butter, vitamin E, and sunscreen protection everytime you do make up.
  • Whiten your teeth, Visit your dentist to have teeth bleaching. You can also do it at home by brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste.
  • Fight tired eyes, Sleep well since it helps to maintain elastic skin. If you have swollen eyes, cool them down with cucumber slices or tea bags.
  • Reduce dark circles, Eliminate dark circles under the eyes using eye cream which contains, hydroquinone, retinol, green tea extract, or vitamin C.
  • No smoking, Smoking stimulates enzyme which reduces collagen and elastin production causing the skin to wrinkle.
  • Antioxidant, Antioxidant helps you to reduce wrinkles since it avoids skin damage causing by free radicals. You can apply antioxidant cream or consume foods which contain vitamin C.
  • Fight wrinkles, Apply cream with retinoid which renews your skin cells.
  • Fight spots, Hydroquinone helps you to minimize melanin production which causes dark spots on the skin.

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