Depression Can Worsen the Condition of Parkinson Disease

Depression Can Worsen the Condition of Parkinson Disease. Parkinson is an aging disease where the patients feel non-stop shaking on their bodies. The factors that cause parkinson disease are various. One of them is aging, so parkinson symptoms usually develop when people reach the age of 50s or 60s. The symptoms itself develop quite slowly, so sometimes they are difficult to notice. Mostly, when the condition becomes worse, parkinson symptoms become noticeable. If you have tremor, stiff muscle, weaker muscle, difficulty to walk, or slow motion in moving the limbs, consult the doctor to check your condition. Probably, you have parkinson disease.

Depression Can Worsen the Condition of Parkinson Disease

Patients with parkinson disease face hard time in their lives. The tremors cause unstability. Thus, they have difficulty to hold, grab, or grasp something. But, according to recent study, it turns out that depression reduces the health condition of the patients. The research result shows that depression is two times hazardous than the tremors and difficulty to coordinate the limbs and move.

The research on parkinson started in 2009, when the researcher worked to analyze and improve the treatment for parkinson patients with the ages of 20s to 90s. From the research result, they made recommendations to improve the medication practice to treat the patients.

  • Monitor the patients’ moods

People with parkinson disease experience unstable moods. The significant changes of their moods contribute to develop depression symptoms. The doctors are recommended to examine and analyze the mood condition of the patients once a year as the minimum. So, the patients should make a report about their mood changes. Family accompanionship is suggested.

Depression itself is a common condition of parkinson patients due to the impaired brain function to produce dopamine which works to control the mood. To deal with this condition, talk therapy can be a good helper. Patients who are succesful to balance their mood feel that their condition is getting better.

  • Encourage exercise

People with parkinson disease have tremors which disturb their mobility. They will have difficulty to walk and balance their limbs. They should be encouraged to have little exercise for 2 ½ hours per week to improve their mobility and reduce their difficulty to coordinate. Any kinds of exercise can help parkinson patients to improve their condition. As soon as the condition becomes worse, they will face difficulty to walk. Encourage them to train their legs muscle through treadmill training and weight training specialized for the legs.

  • Change their perspectives

Mostly, when people are diagnosed of having parkinson disease will feel totally depressed. As a result, their condition becomes worse and worse. Since it all starts from their psychological condition, so the treatment should be directed to their psychological health as well. The doctors, family members, and friends of the patients with parkinson disease should be able to reduce their anxiety. Help them to change their perspectives that parkinson disease will only affect their motoric function and that everything remains normal and will always be normal. This attempt will help the patients to keep their mood and prevent them from being emotional.

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