Anorexia Nervosa and Some Facts about It

Anorexia Nervosa and Some Facts about It. Here are some compiled facts about anorexia. Just in case you need to know more about anorexia nervosa.

  1. The term anorexia means losing your appetite while the nervosa refers to the fact that you lose your appetite because of the emotional side.
  2. The important sign of anorexia nervosa is fear of having fat body.
  3. Commonly people divide anorexia nervosa into two types: strict-in-taking-diet anorexics and anorexics who love to eat and take laxative right after having meals.
  4. Anorexia nervosa mostly comes from unhealthy diet.
  5. Anorexics refuse to maintain their normal weight. Although already have a normal weights, anorexics think that they are still need to lose more until they get their very-skinny-body.
  6. Never think that they are slim enough (sometimes even too thin), anorexics will usually check their weight by weighing, measuring various parts of the body, and look critically at their body in the mirror.
  7. Women with a very thin body are able in getting amenorrhea, the cessation of the menstrual period.
  8. The comparison of women with anorexia is 10 times than men with anorexia.
  9. People suffered from anorexia will easier to be angry, depressed, and worried.
  10. Anorexics will get their weights lost in an excess number.
  11. Anorexics often take some diet pills to keep their weight although, in fact, they are more than slim anymore.
  12. Anorexics will get some physical troubles like anemia, cold, and so on.
  13. In an advanced stage of anorexia nervosa , anorexics might get heart-defect, osteoporosis, lung-diseases, or even death caused by starving.
  14. A combine between medical (biological) treatment and psychological counsel are really important to cure anorexia.Anorexia Nervosa
  15. Public figures (especially entertainers) and young girls mostly get anorexia. The reason might because they think that they have to own a good appearance. Since having a slim body is considered as one of beauty standards, then they start go on diet, do the unhealthy one, and trapped in anorexia nervosa.
  16. The most risky age for a young girl to be suffered from anorexia is at the age of 14 to 18 years old.
  17. 90 up 95 percents of people suffered from anorexia nervosa are those come from middle and upper classes.
  18. The degradation of body metabolism is another complications caused by anorexia nervosa.
    A study stated that the ratio of death caused by anorexia is about 2 until 8 percent.
  19. Children are also potential to suffer from anorexia nervosa. A research done in USA showed that 5 percent of anorexics are children under the age of 12 years old. As a prevention, parents are really suggested to discuss with their children about the anorexia nervosa.

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