Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, Similar but Not Identical

Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia, Similar but Not Identical. Ever heard about anorexia nervosa bulimia ? Yes, both are eating-disorders! As eating disorder , both are similar for making people have a weight-phobia. Though similar, both are not identical. Anorexia bulimia are having their own characteristics which make them different. If anorexia is an eating-disorder in which people are afraid to take meals, bulimia is an eating-disorder in which people are still take their meals but then do any efforts to spew them all. Difference between them makes the physical appearance of people suffered from anorexia bulimia different. Anorexics will have a very thin body. On contrary, people suffered from bulimia might have a normal body.

anorexia nervosa bulimia

Anorexia bulimia are commonly considered as psychological illness. It is because people with anorexia bulimia tend to blame themselves for eating, especially when they eat too much.

As stated above, bulimics usually have a normal weight, taking for example Princess Diana and Christina Aguilera who are dealing with bulimia). Bulimics are having a huge appetite and consuming many foods. However, since they are afraid of getting a fat body, they will do any efforts to keep their body in a normal weight. Then they will do some inappropriate acts like spew what they have eaten. Their acts leaded by their guilty of taking meals and their fear of getting “not-a-good-looking” body. In general it can be stated that bulimics are feeling not enough with their body for having lack of self-esteem.

Spewing foods over and over again can cause skin irritation around the mouth due to frequent contact with the substance of stomach acid. It can also cause tooth decay, cavities, and prolonged abdominal pain. Other effects of bulimia are heart-defect, dehydration, kidney damage, decreased muscles cells in the body, until a sudden death.

There still some debates about the exact cause of anorexia. Some mentioned that anorexia caused by malfunction of the hypothalamus gland in the brain, which is responsible to manage appetite. Others stated that anorexia caused by lifestyle. For example, as the environment considered slim women are beautiful, women then try to make their body slim even by doing a very strict and unhealthy diet. So, anorexic people (usually women) are those who were once overweight.

Psychological factors also play rules in causing anorexia nervosa. There are several psychological factors that can cause a person to become anorexic. First, the inability to adapt to the changes around her/him, like a breakup, death of parents, and other traumatic experiences. As the manifestations of feeling confused, disappointed or sad, someone will ignore to eat foods. In addition, feeling rejected or abandoned the family also be a trigger factor of anorexia nervosa bulimia cases. Someone who comes from disharmonious families often tend to blame and punish themselves by refusing to eat and starve.

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