Take a Closer Look at Anorexia Nervosa

Take a Closer Look at Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia or anorexia nervosa is a potential life-threatening disorder caused by starvation and drastic weight loss. Someone can be diagnosed having anorexia nervosa if that person lost at least 15 percent of normal or ideal body weight. This extreme weight loss is very dangerous for your health . Even it can cause death.

The term anorexia literary means loss of appetite. However, that definition is actually misleading. If you are suffered from anorexia, actually you are hungry. You just refuse to eat . People with anorexia are very afraid of getting fat. That fear leads someone to take less food or even to take no food at all. They will also do some exercises to lose some weight. Suffered from anorexia will make you consider yourself as a fat person though, in fact, you are not. People with anorexia are hard to consider themselves as slim enough. They might keep playing statement like “I’m fat” in their mind. Acting that way, anorexic people will get a very skin body.

anorexia nervosa girl

Anorexia is commonly experienced by women, especially those who work as entertainer, such as actress, model, and dancer. They are generally afraid to look fat due to the demands of their profession that concerned with body appearance. Young women are also really potential to be suffered from anorexia. Since adolescence is a stage of human life in where people think that a good appearance is very important, many youngsters will try everything in order to get that good appearance. Doing a strict diet that might be lead them to anorexia nervosa might be one of their efforts.

Take a Closer Look at Anorexia Nervosa

The exact causes of anorexia are still unknown. However, some suspect that the combination of personal characters, emotional life, hormonal changes, and lifestyle are the causes of anorexia. It is also stated that genetic factor also take a role in causing anorexia. If you have a family member suffered from anorexia, you are also potential in facing anorexia.

Although the exact causes of anorexia are still unknown, from some causes mentioned above, it can be classified that anorexia is caused by both biological and psychological things. So, both physical and psychological treatment needed to cure anorexia nervosa . Below are the explanations of suggested way to cure anorexia :

-Biological treatment

Since anorexia nervosa is commonly dealing with depression, this disorder can be treated the using of some antidepressants. Those antidepressants will reduce anorexics’ disorder towards foods and eating. However, biological treatment is not very successful in reducing the symptoms of anorexia disorder in anorexics.

-Psychological treatment

As stated before, anorexia is closely related to one’s psychological condition. Therefore, psychological treatment is needed to cure anorexics. A common anorexia psychological treatment will have 2 stages. The first one is a stage of helping patient to gain some weights in order to prevent medical complications and possible death. This stage is really potential in gaining some weights faster. The second one is a stage of helping patient to manage their weights and to control her/his self suffered from anorexia nervosa.

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