Breast Cancer Stage 4: the Condition, the Characteristics and Methods of Treatment

Breast cancer stage 4 is a stage where the cancer cells have been very severe and very violent. The chances for a cure in total for the patients is very low. But, of course, the patient must remain optimistic and trying to cure breast cancer.

The condition of the Cancer Stage 4

On breast cancer stage 4, cancer cells undergo phases of metastatic spread of cancer cells, i.e. to its network. The spread of cancer cells will spread to lymph nodes and the more dangerous again cancer cells can spread to the bones, brain, lungs and heart. When cancer cells have very spread out, so it could just be another disease complications will arise.

So far, the treatment of breast cancer stage 4 is not yet available medications that are specific to this disease. But with the shrinking of the cancer, treatment can slow the disease, help make the patient feel better, and live longer. Although patients with breast cancer stage 4 can live many years, but can be life-threatening at any time.

Characteristics of breast cancer stage 4

Characteristics of breast cancer stage 4 is a continuation of breast cancer stage 3. This can be seen from breast cancer symptoms are as follows:

  • There were ulcers on the breast.
  • Pain that has been very painful.
  • Breast bleed and festering.
  • Bump already big and even the exact size are not known.
  • Removing the smell unpleasant.
  • Felt stung and the heat is very disturbing.
  • weight decreases quickly
  • other disease complications

Treatment of breast cancer Stage 4

There are many types of breast cancer, there are many types of treatment options. But not every treatment will be the same given to every patient. Here some list of treatment options for breast cancer stage 4 are available, namely:

  1. Chemotherapy

Or treatment with anti-cancer drugs, often become the primary choice for breast cancer stage 4, this can slow the growth of cancer. Chemotherapy is often used in combination with hormone therapy or immunotherapy. Chemotherapy will usually cause side effects such as baldness, down weight gain, and nausea.

  1. Hormonal therapy

Hormone therapy can help women with cancer that needs hormones to grow. Tamoxifen has been used to block the effects of estrogen for decades. New drugs such as aromatize inhibitors, Arimidex, Aromacyn, Femara, and also effective in women post-menopause. These drugs would reduce the amount of estrogen the body by cutting off the supply of estrogen and can slow the growth of cancer.

For women who have not reached menopause period, can consider for adoption the ovaries to stop production of the hormone. To control cancer growth or through treatment with the same effect.

  1. Biological therapy

In about 25% of women with breast cancer, an excess of a protein known as HER2 makes the cancer spreads quickly. Herceptin is a drug that has been approved to treat women with metastatic breast cancer that is HER2 positive experience. This protein makes the cancer cells from growing, but can also boost the immune system, giving it the strength to fight the cancer itself.

  1. Clinical trials

Clinical trials are research studies using new drugs or new combinations of drugs, which have been approved for use in human studies. The test is performed when the researchers, believed that such treatment has the potential to be better than the current standard treatment.

Despite the scary thoughts about being part of a research study, but it is important to remember that each of the current standards of care used to be a part of this clinical trial.

  1. Operation and radiation

Surgery (surgery) is not likely avoided by patients. Cancer cells that are increasingly spread should be in clean and lift. Usually on stage 4, breast to be lifted altogether. Method of operation and radiation is used in some cases. This treatment may help treat pain and other symptoms in areas where the cancer has spread.

Breast cancer is indeed terrible, especially what when the cancer has already entered the stadium 4. We recommend that when you realize that you are exposed to the disease of breast cancer immediately do describe the treatment to prevent the disease developing and becoming increasingly stadium 4.

  1. Other drugs

Some types of drugs are also required to treat some side effects of breast cancer treatment, such as nausea and fatigue.

Prevention of breast cancer stage 4

Breast cancer disease prevention actions should be done long before breast cancer was at the stadium. Including when this breast cancer disease recently was on stage 1, 2 and 3. Here are some precautions that cancer can be done:

  • Diligently exercising
  • Be a weight
  • do not eat food containing harmful substances
  • no smoking
  • do not eat and drink containing alcohol
  • drink plenty of water the hygienic white
  • Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis
  • Checking immediately when there is a lump in the breast or under the armpit

It was not easy to accept the condition when contracted breast cancer stage 4, and are at a very critical phase. However, every effort will certainly bring results although a bit.

We should always keep health by implementing a healthy lifestyle and help us morally to the sufferers of breast cancer stage 4, also in material through one way by donate car to breast cancer.

The article breast cancer stage 4 from cancer sign is just information and does not replace the advice or opinions of experts, doctors, and practitioner in the field of cancer.

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