Breast Cancer Stage 2: Characteristics, Causes, and Prevention of Medical Treatment.

Breast cancer Stage 2 — Staging breast cancer is divided into four levels, namely breast cancer stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4. In previous articles we’ve been dealing with breast cancer stage 1. So this time we will discuss about the two-stage breast cancer.

Breast cancer condition stage 2

On breast cancer stage 2, cancer cells already growing and increasingly growing into a big one. At this stage of this second stage must be immediately treated. If at this stage of the stadium two not immediately treated, cancer cells then this will increasingly develop into a cancer stage 3. The possibility of recovering breast cancer at stage 2 of about 30% to 40%. To be able to treat cancer stage 2, then we must recognize in advance the characteristics of breast cancer stage 2.

The characteristics of breast cancer stage 2:

At this stage, the cancer cells can infect the lymph nodes in the armpit area. At this breast cancer stage 2, nipple discharge can also be greenish pus or COLORED suddenly. Further cuts would arise in the area around the breast and armpit that failed to recover, accompanied by pain. Features of breast cancer stage 2, they are:

  1. There are bumps that the magnitude of 2 to 5 cm.
  2. The skin over the lump will also constrict and become rough.
  3. Usually the breast will feel pain that caused because the cancer cells at the stadium have been increasingly developed and spread to the armpit
  4. Changing the color of the nipples of the breasts, as well as removing blood suddenly without having to squeeze
  5. breast Skin turns into brownish
  6. Sometimes the size of the lump has reached 5 cm but has not spread to other parts.
  7. Not just the Lump appears on the breast, but the bumps may also appear at the bottom of the armpit.

The cause of breast cancer stage 2

The cause of breast cancer is stage 2 does not vary much with the cause of cancer is stage 1. Here are some of them:

  • Consumption of cigarettes
  • the consumption of food and drinks containing alcohol
  • eat foods containing harmful substances
  • Less sports activity
  • Have the very excess body weight (obesity)
  • eating less fruit and vegetable
  • Less drinking water hygienic white

Treatment of cancer Stage 2

Almost every type of cancer treatment is carried out by the same method; it just depends on the severity of the patient. Stage 2 breast cancer treatment is not much different from but with some extra medical action. Some of those ways are:

  • Surgery: medical action was carried out to remove the cancer cells in the breast or eliminate breast, so that cancer cells actually wasted it all.
  • Radiotherapy: treatment ways which utilizes high energy ray, which is almost the same as x-rays. High energy x-rays can kill cancer cells. Duration of radiotherapy is usually done for 8 minutes depending on the condition of the patient. Radiotherapy is not painless or painful, but it will cause side effects that vary in every patient.
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is usually done after the action of the operation, i.e. by inserting the anti-cancer drugs to the patient’s body. This is done to prevent cancerous cells reappeared. Chemotherapy also has side effects such as nausea occurred, discoloration of the skin to hair loss.
  • Lumpectomy: surgical removal of a tumor or cancer cells, with little of the surrounding breast tissue, but do not lift the breast is exhausted. Healthy breast tissue that was left was later expected to grow new breasts naturally.
  • Mastectomy: namely the appointment of some or all of the breast, but not to worry. After the appointment of the entire breast, the breast reconstruction can be performed.

Precautions for breast cancer stage 2

The prevention of breast cancer can be done on stadium 2;

  1. Checking early we can do alone at home as also done to know the symptoms of breast cancer stage 1. How to do this are:
  • Note the shape of the breast with the position of the hands on and when the hands are at the waist if there are any lumps that appear or not
  • After that press the breasts gently with a pattern of play or ride down there to check for lumps or not
  • Then press your breast nipples are slowly removing the fluid milk, greenish pus or fluid or not.
  1. Avoid foods that are less healthy.
  2. Multiply eating fruits and vegetables.
  3. Do exercise regularly the sports that you can do is exercise a lighter-lighter, like the way healthy, swimming, or running in the morning.
  4. Do not consume alcohol.
  5. Do not consume cigarettes.
  6. Expand the drinking water hygiene is white.

That’s some of the ways that can that can be done to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer stage 2. Lest you too late to realize the existence of the disease of breast cancer. Breast cancer has indeed become a very frightening spectre for women. But should do not despair, because each breast cancer survivor still have the possibility to live and recover from the disease of breast cancer. Prior to contract the disease of breast cancer, the better we do how to prevent breast cancer, from now.

Oh, don’t forget to also read the article about breast cancer stage 1 and donate car to breast cancer.

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