Breast Cancer Stage 3: Phase of Cancer, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Breast cancer stage 3 is a continuation of breast cancer stage 1 and breast cancer stage 2. Breast cancer stage 3 is the phase in which the cancer cells in the body the more ferocious and terrifying. At this stage, the stage of the cancer cells had already evolved to other body parts around the breast. Breast cancer stage 3, is a phase where cancer will be more difficult to treat and also recovered the opportunity is very small.

When breast cancer has reached stage 3 was not immediately healed, then it will be more cancer cells grew, expanded and will become more violent.

Breast cancer Stage 3 phase

Breast cancer stage 3 has 3 phases, namely:

  1. Breast Cancer stage 3 A

Breast cancer stage 3 A have more than 5 cm lump size or spread and affect glands, spleen on the body. Then the gland-gland spleen already contracted it, each docked and urged surrounding tissues.

  1. Breast Cancer Stage 3 B

Breast cancer condition at this stage, where the cancer cells had already spread to the skin, thoracic wall and glands spleen under ribs mamari. At this stage, the cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body and will increasingly become malignant.

  1. Breast Cancer stage 3 C

Breast cancer stage 3 C, i.e., the cell has already spread to points on the lymph vessels in the group N3, that the cancer has spread over 10 point lymph ducts under collarbone.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer Stage 3

Symptoms and characteristics of breast cancer stage 3 this is a development of the earlier stage of cancer, namely breast cancer stage 1 and breast cancer stage 2. On breast cancer stage 3 the sufferer could not delay the treatment again. Symptoms that occur in breast cancer stage 3, namely:

  • There is a bump of more than 5 cm in diameter.
  • The lymph nodes have started infected breast cancer cells.
  • cancer cells already attached to the skin of the breast.
  • Breast skin color changed to black.
  • Breast Skin constrict.
  • There is a process of inflammation on the skin of the breast.
  • There are wounds that failed to recover and begin to fester.

Treatment of breast cancer stage 3

Breast cancer treatment that has already entered the stadium 3 should be done in stages as follows:

  1. chemotherapy first so that the affected area of the cancer could be scaled down only after it’s done surgically by a doctor.
  2. Surgery is done to remove the cancer cells in the breast. On breast cancer stage 3 surgery can be delayed no longer.
  3. radiation Technique is done to eradicate
  4. Breast cancer in stage 3, only allow sufferers to recover approximately 11.2%, but sufferers should not be desperate and have to keep trying to do everything to cure this disease.

The methods used in the treatment of breast cancer stage 3, not enforced equally on each patient. We recommend that you immediately consult with a doctor who expert, to do proper treatment as soon as possible.

Prevention of breast cancer stage 3

Here’s how to prevent breast cancer stage 3, to avoid higher severity levels are:

  • do not use the BH too tight in a long period
  • do not consume cigarettes
  • do not consume food and drink alcohol
  • Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. We recommend the consumption of foods containing phyto-estrogen, i.e., genistein, a handy reduces the risk of the growth of cancer cells. Good food consumed is a type of processed foods from the nuts such as tempeh, tofu, soy milk and pure and must be hygienic.
  • Diligently exercising regularly. Sports can be done with a light-light only. You can do sports week 3 times or at least 2 times a week with a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Do the examination to the doctor every month.
  • don’t eat fatty foods
  • Control your stress levels. Excessive stress can cause disease in our body.
  • drink plenty of water the hygienic white

How to detect breast cancer at this stage only by way of a review it to the doctor with as soon as possible, if it begins to cause symptoms of breast cancer. Because what if we do not know for sure about the type of breast cancer stage 3, the cancer cells can continue growing into a breast cancer stage 4.

Let’s start the movement of breast cancer prevention begins with doing of our own early detection and encouraged the public to do donate car to breast cancer.

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