Breast Cancer Gene Mutations have Successfully Found

Breast Cancer Gene Mutations have Successfully Found — “There were about 20000 genes in the human genome, we now have a complete mapping of breast cancer there are 93 from the genes of a patient if mutated will convert normal breast cells into cancer cells. It’s an important part of this research, “said Prof Sir Mike Stratton, Director of the Institute Sanger in Cambridge who led the research, as cited from the BBC, Tuesday 3 may 2016.

This finding is an important innovation to create new drugs that are useful to treat cancer. In understanding and analyzing the causes of cancer, researchers must find “what went wrong” in the DNA of cancer patients, and following the process of the formation of healthy tissue which then turn into cancer.

In addition to an international team of researchers is also obliged to see genetic code totaling 3 billion from 560 blueprints the life histories of breast cancer patients. In the observation that the researchers found 93 genes set, that if mutated, can cause tumors. Although there are some genes that have been found before, scientists hope the findings this time being the most definitive findings list.

“We submit that list to the University, the company’s pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology Company so they can start developing new drugs. Since the per gene mutation and breast cancer tissue protein is the target for new therapies, “said Stratton. Currently there are many cancer drugs that have been developed over 15 years, mainly for therapeutic targets.

picture of Breast Cancer Gene Mutations have Successfully Found

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Reference of Breast Cancer Gene Mutations have Successfully Found

  • breast cancer genne mutation from BBC.

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