Staging Breast Cancer and Its Treatment

Staging Breast Cancer and Its Treatment — The damage and the transformation of the protomkogen as well as supressorgen changing led to the growth of cancer cells.

What is staging breast cancer?

Staging  breast cancer is a phase where we can know where the location of the cancer, cancer, as well as to the conditions upon which the cancer spreads and knowing influence posed because the spread was caused. Stage conducted to examine the extents to which the development of cancer and how it is handling should be done to prevent the growth of cancer cells spread.

How do I find out which natural cancers?

Breast cancer Stage 0

Said stage 0 because the cancer was still in the vessel/channel as well as breast milk gland, has not experienced the spread out of the area.

Breast cancer Stage 1

Breast Cancer Stage 1 A

Picture breast cancer stage 1 a

Breast cancer stage 1 a size was very small and not spread out and has not been found in the lymph vessels.


Breast Cancer Stage 1 B

Picture breast cancer stage 1 b

Breast cancer stage 1B means that breast cancer cells in the form of small ones found in the lymph nodes near the breast.


  • There is no tumor in the breast, or
  • Tumor size is smaller than 2 cm

Breast cancer Stage 2

Breast cancer Stage 2 A

breast cancer stage 2 a

breast cancer stage 2 a

  • The cancer is smaller than 2 cm, the starting points are found in the lymph nodes in the armpit area.
  • cancer has size 2-5 cm, on the lymph vessels have not been going the spread of cancer cells to dots
  • The points on the underarm lymph vessels start discovered but no sign of the tumor in the breast.

Breast Cancer Stage 2 B

breast cancer stage 2 b

breast cancer stage 2 b

  1. Cancer measuring 2-5 cm
  2. Point the lymph vessels in the armpits spread of breast cancer cells
  3. Tumor has been measuring 5 cm but not yet happened spread

Breast cancer Stage 3

Breast Cancer Stage 3 A

breast cancer stage 3 a

Cancer has been measuring 5 cm and has happened < spread of cancer cells at points the lymph vessels in the armpits


breast cancer stage 3 a picture

The tumor is larger than 5 cm and the small form of the breast cancer cells are in the lymph nodes.


breast cancer stage 3 a pictures

The tumor more than 5 centimeters and has spread to up to 3 lymph nodes in the armpit or to lymph nodes near the breastbone.

Breast Cancer Stage 3 B

Pictures of breast cancer stage 3b

Pictures of breast cancer stage 3b


The onset of swelling in the chest wall also has started the existence of injuries that produce pus in the chest. Its spread can already regarding the lymph nodes in the underarm and upper arms.

Breast Cancer Stage 3 C

Pictures of breast cancer stage 3 c

Pictures of breast cancer stage 3 c


It has been detected that the cancer cells have been spread to the point-the point of the lymph vessels which is about 10 areas of lymph nodes have cancer cells spread, precisely under the collarbone.

Breast cancer Stage 4

Pictures of breast cancer stage 4

Pictures of breast cancer stage 4


Unknown was how the size is definitely cancer cells in this phase. Because cancer cells have spread to other networks that are difficult to know. Cancer cells that spread has started to spread to a variety of locations, such as bone, lung, liver and rib cage also.

How to Detect Breast Cancer

To know someone suffered from breast cancer, then do some inspection, namely:

  1. When breast size still tend to be small and still just guesses about having breast cancer, then it could be done with breast self examination (SARARI). The inspection can be carried out each month, but this inspection must be carried out when someone has done her time.
  2. When the existence of the hesitancy with the invention itself, or the small lumps found are made possible by the age of 40 have yearly or did have a risk factor, then it is advisable to perform a breast exam in clinical (SARANIS) and came to see the doctor, midwife or other medical understanding of the disease of cancer.
  3. The examination is performed by means of mammography. A small cancer can be look by using this way. It did not hurt when traveled; this is due to the way this inspection is by way of my breast. Mammography examination is an examination of advanced examination is clinically. This method is typically used when things have happened that began to endanger patients that have been the emergence of complaints such as nipple out a fluid that is colored or colored brownish due to mixed with blood.
  4. Aspiration Biopsy. Breast tissue that is experiencing a bit of capture done abnormalities result acquisition will determine whether or not there are cancer cells in the breast. Biopsy is done when it is known that based on the results of the ULTRASOUND views the existence of cells that are not normal or suspect the presence of cancer cells.

If the results are based on a positive note, and then carried out further checks, but when the results are known to be negative, it will be carried out an examination of a surgical biopsy.

Further examination: Open biopsy for tissue retrieval.

Perform the operation aimed at resolving against the network by conducting an open biopsy. The nature of the tumor in the breast is known by means of a retrieval operation network by freezing method. So that we can know the nature of that malignant tumors that are owned or benign.

Staging Breast Cancer Treatment

How can natural treatment or medical,

Herbal Treatment

  • Turmeric/zedoary turmeric

Bitter taste on turmeric thus efficacious. In the turmeric contained Ribosome in Achieving Protein (RIP) that helps the Ribosome to disrupt protest protein synthesis. And RIP is also very important to help the inhibition against growth of cancer cells.

The turmeric acts against free radicals are the main cause of the growth of cancer cells.

  • Vinca

The existence of the Vinblastine (VLB) component, Vincristine (VCR), Leurosine (VLR) Vincadioline, Leurosidine and also the Catharanthine serves as anticancer.

  • Leaves the gods

Flavonoids, Monoterpen and Seskuitpen Respectively contained in the leaves of the gods have an important role to inhibit the growth and the development of cancer cells. As well as by the existence of pharmacological properties contained within the leaves of the gods can relieve the pain caused due to the spread of cancer cells.

  • Soursop Leaf

Soursop leaf contains acetogennins, muricapentocin, annocatacin as well as many other compounds that have efficacy for treating breast cancer.

  • The nest of Ant

Many believe that the Ant could cure breast cancer, this is because at Ant’s nest containing flavonoids are active so that it can prevent cancer cells to spread and also against the cancer cells.

How the treatment using medical

The way around it is to do therapy:

  • Local Therapy

Local therapy itself is composed of two, namely operative way therapy and radiation therapy are also. Operative therapy is a therapy by way of adoption of cancer overall but radiation therapy is the use of x-rays as a medium to destroy cancer cells. However the way radiation is sometimes still can get the cancer cells. Resulting in less effective against is healing.

  • Chemotherapy

Currently the most popular choice Chemotherapy for the cancer patients, chemotherapy is a follow-up program after surgery that relies on the ability of special drugs to destroy cancer cells that invade the body. The drugs are working with slow or stop the growth of cancer cells.

  • hormonal therapy

Hormonal therapy is used to ward off cancer cells indirectly, by way of making cancer cells were not comfortable.

If this article was helpful to you please share as much as possible and don’t forget to do the movements of our concern for the donation to the breast cancer sufferers in the world. One way is to donate car to breast cancer.

staging breast cancer charts

staging breast cancer charts

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