Breast Cancer Stage One: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment.

Breast Cancer Stage One — The breast is one of the very intimate parts in keep by any woman. Many women in Indonesia considered that the beautiful breasts would boost confidence. So it’s no wonder that every woman should be aware of the dangers of breast cancer, though breast cancer in men also could also occur but in the scale of lower risk.

A Glimpse of Breast Cancer stage one

Breast cancer (Carcinoma mammae) is a cancer cell that attacks the tissues of the breast. Breast cancer is one disease that is extremely dangerous and deadly. Breast cancer usually strikes women, with symptoms that silently occurred at body unwittingly. The level of malignancy of breast cancer is divided into stages of breast cancer.

breast cancer stage one

breast cancer stage one

In early levels, the characteristics of breast cancer stage 1 is in fact already be known. the following reviews more.


Symptoms of breast cancer stage 1, it is still difficult to detect, because at this stage there is no sufferers usually pain or pain in the breast. However, the symptoms have started to be recognized, namely:

  • The incidence of small lumps on the breast or under the armpit in diameter no more than 2 cm. This Lump does not cause any pain to sufferers.
  • If we suppress the breasts, then it will be out white liquid such as milk that is odorless.
  • Breast skin to constrict and breast skin pores become rough.

How to know the symptoms of breast cancer, this can be done by checking its own early, as follows:

  1. Learn about breast forms, breast shape compare when we put both hands on his head and hands at waist.
  2. Raise your left hand to the top of the head.
  3. Touch the breasts with the use of the surface of the finger with a bit in the press. You can make a pattern of play and up and down while pressing and grasping your breasts.
  4. Press the putting is slowly and notice if there is liquid coming out.
  5. Please check the areas of the breasts, armpits, and sternum in the position of lying.
  6. Do the same steps on the right breast.

Do the checking of early in the week after the time of menstruation. A week after menstruation period, usually the hormone estrogen and progesterone are at low levels. That’s when the checked early can be more easily done. Do breast checking it regularly, every month.

The cause of the

Many of the women who do not realize that he has been affected by breast cancer. Then, as a woman should be aware of which occurred in the us. So that we can avoid breast cancer then we should know the correct whatever be the cause of breast cancer, especially at the initial stage of level 1:

  1. Obesity

Obesity is a condition where we have a very excess weight. This makes us obese hard activity and body will feel heavy. Sufferers of obesity is indeed very range against many diseases, one of which is the disease of breast cancer.

  1. The fat content

The excess fat in our body can also cause problems. The fat content in our bodies become one of important factors as the cause of the occurrence of breast cancer. Excess fat in the body that the longer the more pile up can just pile up at the breast glands, which can then cause breast cancer.

According to Willet, in the study stated that the fat content is associated with risk of breast cancer in women aged 34 to 59 years.

  1. Genetic factors (family history)

For those women who have a breast cancer sufferer’s family then, he also has risk factors for breast cancer is higher compared to other women.


A study stating that the disease of breast cancer has the linkages or relationships with certain genes. If there are 50 year old BRCA 1 (a lowering of breast cancer genes) then chances is he is breast cancer by 60%. While at the age of 70 years of possibilities affected by breast cancer is 85%, and 60% of women affected by breast cancer is age 60 years. And at 75 years old is age range is affected by breast cancer.

  1. The radiation from ionization

Ionizing radiation is electromagnetic waves from an object which can then be absorbed by other objects. Electromagnetic waves itself in the form of radio waves, infrared light, visible light, ultra violet rays, and x-rays. Ionizing radiation can also be absorbed by the human body and interfere with the biological systems in our body. One of the biological disturbances that caused disease is breast cancer. It is like the hp radiation that cause brain cancer.

  1. The disease fibrocystic

Fibrocystic disease is changes in the shape of breasts that are characterized by the presence of lumps are benign tumors of soft and on the breast. It is these bumps can turn into breast cancer could not be immediately treated.

  1. Reproductive Factors

Reproductive factors being the risk of developing breast cancer diseases such as nuliparity, young age at menarche, menopause in older age, and old age at first pregnancy. The more the increase of the age, the increased risk of developing breast cancer as well.

The span of time between the first menstruations with age of first pregnancy is the time window of initiation of development of breast cancer. Time was Anatomy and functional, the breasts will undergo changes and vulnerable exposed breast cancer

  1. The use of hormones

Hormones that have a risk of breast cancer are a disease with hormone estrogen. Harvard School of Public Health reported that estrogen replacement therapy users there are an increase in breast cancer. An analysis also suggested that women who use oral contraceptive drugs have a risk of getting breast cancer by the age of menopause.

  1. The consumption of unhealthy foods

Food that is grown today is extremely varied. Brightly colored foods are usually very attractive and inviting. But, we must be wary of food that exists at the moment. Foods that contain hazardous substances such as textile dyes and borax can cause disease of breast cancer, including other types of cancer.


Prevent is the most prudent action than we should treat. How to prevent breast cancer, this should be done as early as possible, especially to avoid breast cancer stage 1, namely:

  • Do regular gym
  • Do not eat foods that contain a lot of fat
  • Do not consume foods that contain substances harmful to the body
  • Drinking water is hygienic white
  • Eat fruits and vegetables with the routine, and
  • Taking the drug suppression of cancer cells (should the consultation with the doctor).


Stage 1 breast cancer treatment made by medical action that is action surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

  • Surgery, performed to lift breast to lump
  • Chemotherapy, done to kill cancer cells by way of consuming certain anti-cancer drugs into the body. Chemotherapy caused hair loss effects, nausea, and fatigue on the sufferer.
  • Radiation therapy, is the Act of shooting the lump with a high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells.

Breast cancer stage 1 condition, also can still allow it to be treated with a natural way i.e. by way of consuming mangosteen rind extract mixture, soursop leaves, apples and honey. Mangosteen rind extract mixture, soursop leaves, apples and honey are believed able to destroy breast cancer cells. Extract of mangosteen has anti proliferation skin which serves to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In addition, it also extracts are useful apoptosis helps the destruction of cancer cells.

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Information on the web is only information, and not to replace the opinion of experts, doctors, or professional.

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