Smash Your Fruit with Fruit Smasher

Smash Your Fruit with Fruit SmasherThe technology is always growing rapidly. It seems that everyday a new application, innovation, and technology are created. One technology which is really happening in this world is Android. Many smartphones use this operating system. As a Linux-based operating system, Android is specially used for smartphones and also tablet computers. It is developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance under Apache License. It was founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White in October, 2003.

Android owns many applications that improve the functionality of devices in a customized version of Java. This application is vast growing worldwide. In September, 2012, it was estimated that there were more that 675.000 applications available for Android. The number of downloaded applications from Google Play even reached 25 billion. What a fantastic number. While the first phone using Android was sold in 2008. In the second quarter of 2012, there were 500 millions of Android-processing devices activated.

Android is commonly used because it provides convenient and simple way to access your gadgets. It is touch-activated. You can swip, tap, and pinch the screen. Android homescreen displays several app icons just like what you have in the homescreen of your PC. The applications notify the important information or update, such as SMS or new email. The more people activate the applications, the more applications are invented. One kind of applications which is always new and up to date is game. There are so many games which are available to be downloaded. One of them is Fruit Smasher.

What is Fruit Smasher?

Fruit Smasher is a fast action game which needs good concentration and fast thinking to act and make strategy. It is really fun and interesting to play this kind of game. You can install it on your tablet or PC. Mouse will help you a lot to smash the fruit. The points of playing this game are to swip and spin the fruit. You need to match and gather fruit by packs of 3 of the same kind (vertically or horizontally) to make the fruits explode. Rock your juicy meter by bursting the 3 similar fruits which line up horizontally or vertically. Smash and  burst as many fruit as you can before the time runs out. To increase your score, try to get the bonus by tapping the presents to get 10 extra points for your score. If you want to have longer life or time to play, be careful! Active bombs are everywhere. When you touch one of the bombs, the game will absolutely over! Like other games, this game is divided into 30 levels. The higher the level, the more difficult game you will play. You can go to the next level by smashing at least 50 waves of fruit in each and going to the end without touching a bomb. Playing Fruit Smasher provides you many ways to get the extra score. Besides tapping the presents, each time your level go up, you also get points. The increasing level gives you 5 extra points. Before you play, you can choose the 1 to 15 minutes Trial Time.

How to Download Fruit Smasher

Playing Fruit Smasher really exercise your brain to work. It may increase your concentration and quick thinking. Downloading Fruit Smasher is also easy. Open your browser and go to Google page. Type the name. Make sure that the keywords and the spelling are correct. When the search results appear, you can choose which Fruit Smasher that you want to download. Read the description first to see whether it matches your device operating system or the device type such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Samsung SCH-R375, or LG CF360. If you already have “MyHappyGames GameBox” in your PC, you do not need to go browsing. Just double click the icon in your desktop, and you can download Fruit Smasher among more that 30.000 games. The file size to download is 146.23 KB to 2.60 MB. The Fruit Smasher has been udpated to the latest version of 1.7.

How to Install Fruit Smasher

Before you install the Fruit Smasher, check your device operating system to make sure that it matches the requirement for Fruit Smasher installation. The minimum requirement is, the operating system should be Win 8/ME/2000/XP. Before the installation, make sure that you already have Game Box. If you have not had it yet, download it first. After checking the Game Box, you need to ensure that you have Adobe Flash. Downloadable Adobe Flash is also available in the internet. You can download for it PC or for Mac. When you already have it, but it still does not work, probably you have the older version of Adobe Flash. This game requires at least Flash 10.1. If all are ready, you can click Install now button. Wait until the installation is complete.

Fruit Smasher is a must-have game for your Android or PC. People who play this game say that playing this game is a so much fun. You can feel the excitement of smashing the fruits without touching the bombs. If you want to have this game, you just need to download the application and install it by your own. It is easy and simple. What are you waiting for? Go smash it right now!

fruit smasher

fruit smasher

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