Fructose Fruit and The Hazard

Is Fructose Fruit Hazardous?

Fructose Fruit and The Hazard. Nowadays, fructose becomes one of the most popular substances in food and beverages production. You can see the fact from the labels of nutrition facts on the wraps of fruit juice, snacks, or milks. Until now, people still have question about the effect of fructose to their bodies. Is it hazardous? Will it bring bad effect to our health?

Fructose is a simple sugar called monosaccharide. As sugar, fructose can be burned as energy. This simple sugar is believed to have low glycemic index. Since the glycemic index is low, it does not cause a significant raise of blood sugar. Therefore, fructose becomes the alternative sugar in dietary products. For diabetic people, fructose is often used as substitute for sucrose. By substituting it, their blood sugar will not increase tremendously.

Is fructose dangerous?

Fructose consumption well manages blood sugar as long as it is used sufficiently. The small amount of fructose in foods and drinks does not bring bad impacts to our bodies. It even helps our body in processing glucose. However, if people consume too much fructose in their diets, it results in bad metabolism system. Their bodies need to work harder to process it. Therefore, people are not suggested to have a large amount of fructose in their diets.

Fructose Fruit and The Hazard. Unlike glucose, fructose is processed in the liver. It is estimated that 100% of fructose processing takes place in the liver, while glucose processing in the liver takes 20% only. When fructose is transferred to the liver, the liver will process it right away for the body. Therefore, when there is too much fructose to be processed, the liver cannot manage to do the process quickly. As a result, it produces fats from the fructose and transfers them into the blood as triglycerides. High amount of triglycerides in the blood is hazardous since it increases the risk of heart attack and hypertension. The excessive work of liver itself is also dangerous because it causes liver disease.

Fructose Fruit and The Hazard. Too much consumption of fructose influences people’s appetite. When people consume a large amount of fructose, they tend to often feel hungry. If this condition is left untreated, it becomes the factor of obesity. In addition, large consumption of fructose limits insulin production. As a consequence, people might suffer diabetes. Thus, we need to pay attention to the amount of fructose contained in the products, unless it will result in fatality.

Where can we find large amount of fructose?

Fructose Fruit and The Hazard. High concentration of fructose is usually found in condiments, candies, snacks, sodas and bakeries. Even healthy juice and babyfood in the supermarket contain a lot of fructose. They become the sources of fructose since the manufacturers add corn syrup for the production to substitute sugar. Corn syrup contains 55% of fructose and 45% of glucose. Even though the amount does not differ significantly, this still causes inconvenience to the consumers.

Fructose is commercially used for foods and beverages products because it is cheap. Compared to other sugars, such as glucose, galactose, and sucrose, fructose is sweeter. It is even the sweetest among the sugars. Therefore, fructose is commonly used as sweetener in the products. People who have diabetes manage to control their blood sugar through consuming fructose as artificial sweetener.

Does fruit contain fructose?

Fruits and vegetables contain fructose. However, the amount is normal. Therefore, our bodies can manage to process it. Even though this fructose originates from organic products, the impact to our body and the process in the liver are the same.

The Content of Fructose in Fruits

Fructose is a natural sugar contained in each fruit. All fruits have fructose. Geoff Bond’s research shows that the fructose content in fruit is various. Even though the amount is relatively small, some fruits contain high amount of fructose compared to other fruits. They are apples, dates, lychees, bananas, mango, and grapes. Fruits which have high amount of fibers usually contain high amount of fructose as well. However, it does not trigger excessive metabolism in the liver as long as it is consumed in normal level.

Fructose Fruit and The Hazard. Several fruits contain medium amount fructose. They are blackcurrants and cherries. These fruits also have good glycemic index. There is more number of fruits which have low amount of fructose. They are berries, lemon, orange, pineapples, watermelon, peach, guava, kiwi, apricot, plum, and melon.

How to control fructose consumption

Fructose Fruit and The Hazard. Since most foods and beverages products contain high amount of fructose, we need to balance the consumption. Sometimes we can drink soda or eat candies, but after that we should pay attention to the fructose intake in our meal.

Fructose can always be found in fruit. To reduce the consumption, you should avoid eating large portion of fruit. Some vegetables are fructose-free. You may have lettuce, asparagus, cauliflower, spinach and broccoli for your meal. Thoroughly cooking the vegetable also decreases the amount of fructose. You still can consume rich source of protein. For the carbohydrate, prefer oatmeal.

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