Edy’s Fruit Bars Reviews: the Juice and the Chunks

Edy’s Fruit Bars ReviewsThe weather is very hot recently. It seems that the temperature is on the boiling point. What a hyperbole. Yes, it is undeniable that rainy season is approaching. Therefore, the weather is always hot. Uuhhmm, a bar of ice cream will help us to ‘calm’ down. But, no way! Ice cream is fattening, isn’t it? Well, do not worry about it. Edy’s Fruit Bars provides you the pleasure of enjoying ice cream without worrying about your waist.

Edy’s has been bringing the joy and pleasure of having ice cream as snack since 1929. The first ice cream invented was Rocky Road. The ice cream shop itself was built by the founder, William Dreyer  in 1948, in Oakland, California. The business was soon passed to his son, Junior, in 1953. It reached the success in 1977, when this ice cream company was declared as the distributor of packaged ice cream and leading manufacturer in the West. Edy’s Cookies n Cream was invented in 1982 by the great ice cream taster, John Harrison. This ice cream became popular and more popular. Then in 1993, Edy’s Fruit Bar were born and introduced to public.

where to buy edy’s fruit bars?

Edy’s Fruit Bars are made of real fruit juice. Unlike other popsicles, these fruit bars also contain fruit chunks to add the natural flavor and give the texture. The taste is so refreshing as if you are eating the real fruits. Children often find that eating fruit is unpleasant. Since the fruit is transformed into ice cream, children love it very much. Therefore, this will help children to increase their nutrition intake from fruits in enjoyable way.

Edy’s Fruit Bars only use the highest quality fruits. The manufacturer chooses the best strawberries from the United States. As well as the strawberries, other fruits have a good quality. Therefore, the juice and the chunks create a better taste compared to other fruit bars. The nutritions from the fruits in the bars are good for our health. They help us to boost the immune system, maintain the gums and teeth’s health, take care of out digestive system, and avoid many diseases.

Edy’s Fruit Bars Reviews. The ingredients used to make these fruit bars are water, sugar, fruit puree, citric acid, corn syrup, narural flavor, fruit juice concentrate, guar gum, carob bean gum, soy lecithin, pectin, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Edy’s Fruit Bars do not contain artificial flavor. Since they use natural flavor from the fruits, they do not taste artificial. The best thing is Edy’s Fruit Bars do not use artificial color, so the color naturally comes from the fruit.

Edy’s Fruit Bars are fat and cholesterol free. So, you will not put on more weight.  Whereas, you get enough vitamin C from the bars. To increase the taste, Edy’s Fruit Bars add 5% of sugar. It is not enough to make you gain weight, unless you eat a lot of them everyday. Besides gaining weight, excessive intake of sugar will increase your blood sugar level. If corn syrup is consumed in abundant, it also affects the liver function. Edy’s Fruit Bars Reviews.

Though Edy’s Fruit Bars bring many nutrition for your health, you are not suggested to consume these bars as the substitution of real fruit. By consuming fresh fruit, you also get fiber which  for your body.

Edy’s Fruit Bars make great treat when the weather is hot. Besides it refreshes your body, it also provides nutrition for your body. Choose the flavor that you like. The flavors available are blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, mango, peach, wildberry, pomegranate, grape, tangerine, goji berry, raspberry, cherry, kiwi, lemonade, and lime. For people who do diet, they can choose the products without sugar added. All of them taste great.

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