How to Use Terro Fruit Fly Trap

How to Use Terro Fruit Fly TrapBeing annoyed by the flies flying around the fruits and perching on them? Are you in need of fruit flies eliminator?

What is Fruit Fly?

Fruitfly is an insect from the Family Drosophilida. Adult fruitfly is usually 1 to 8 inches long. It has red eyes and tan thorax. The major color of its body is brown. The color of the top abdomen is black, while the lowest part of it is grey. Fruitfly can migrate for a long distance to search for ripe fruit and vegetable. They suck the juice by injecting the tiny mouth to the surface. Fruit which is attacked by fruitflies are wrinkled. Many tiny black spots are often found on the surface. It is rotten in the inside. Besides feeding, the adults also lay eggs in the foods.

To get rid of fruit fly, people usually use fruitfly trap. The widely used fruitfly traps are professional fruitflies combining pheromones and ultraviolet lightbulbs and simple sticky paper. Nowadays, there is a product of fruitfly trap which combines those two traps into one practical trap. Call it Terro Fruit Fly Trap.

How Does Terro Fruit Fly Trap Work

Terro Fruit Fly Trap combines the technology and conventional technique. Terro Fruit Fly Trap uses a special non-toxic food based liquid lure. It will lure the adult fruit flies to enter the trap. Adult fruit flies which are trapped cannot continue breeding. Therefore, this trap is effective to prevent fruit flies from breeding and multiplying.

Terro Fruit Fly Trap contains sodium lauryl sulfate 0,008% as the active ingredient, acetic acid 5,00%, and water 94.92%. Mostly, Terro Fruit Fly Trap is water. Therefore, it is enviromentally safe. The shape is like an apple and it attracts adult fruitflies naturally. Lauryl sulfate is commonly used in pesticide. This substance has been registered to EPA, meaning that it is safe to use. The amount used is relatively small. However, direct contact of lauryl sulfate to eyes causes irritation. Skin irritation might happen to people whose skins are sensitive to lauryl sulfate.

How to Use Terro Fruit Fly Trap

Terro Fruit Fly Trap is a ready-to-use trap. It is also fast acting. It does not require a long time to wait until the adult fruit flies get trapped. To apply this fruit flies trap, first pull the leaf-like lid off the base of the trap. Apply the liquid lure into the trap. Make sure that the lid is opened. Place the Terro Fruit Fly Trap in the areas where fruit flies are roaming around. Usually, this kind of fly breeds on trashbin where organic materials are disposed or in the kitchen where organic materials are stored. Placing this trap near the breeding site is far more effective. After 30 days, discard the trap. Dispose it in a proper place. Do not burn.

With Terro Fruit Fly Trap, getting rid of fruitflies is simple, easy, but effective. It is safe and environmentally friendly since it uses food-based lure. You can purchase this Terro Fruit Fly Trap by $8.99 only. You will lose nothing, except fruit flies.

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