Shark Bites Fruit Snacks Review

Shark Bites Fruit Snacks ReviewOnce again, Betty Crocker creates a new sensation of enjoying healthy snacks. Besides the hillarious Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks, Betty Crocker creates a sea-themed fruit snacks. This also delights you with the pleasure of delicious snacking without feeling guilty. This kind of fruit snacks is called Shark Bites Fruit Snacks. Why Shark Bites? Because this fruit processed product consists of several gummy candies, all of which are in the shape of a colorful shark.

Why Shark Bites Fruit Snacks AGAIN?

The colorful packaging is really attractive. The picture of shark on it calls everyone to buy it. The soft and chewy texture, the refreshing taste, and the sharp-like shape make Shark Bites Fruit Snacks becomes children’ favorite snacks. It is good to have this fruit snack while watching TV, reading book, or studying. The taste is seems never boring.

Each package of Shark Bites Fruit Snacks contains several  colors. They are red, orange, yellow, purple, white, and blue. They also provide new color, such as green, opaque yellow and opaque purple. The flavors available are strawberry, grape, orange and cherry. One thing that makes Shark Bites Fruit Snacks never bore the fans is the mysterious flavor. Red is meant to be cherry. Strangely, yellow shark does not taste like lemon. Indeed it is the strawberry flavor. White shark is the jackpot. You never know how it will taste. Sometimes it tastes like strawberry, but mostly it is orange flavored.

Shark Bites Fruit Snacks are made of fruit juice concentrate, sugar, corn syrup, modified corn starch. It is naturally flavored. Artificial flavor is also added to enrich the taste. To increase the sweet taste, sugar and corn syrup are added.

Shark Bites Fruit Snacks Nutrition Facts

This colorful fruit snacks help children to get the nutrition in fun way. Since the snacks are made of real fruit juice, the snacks sustain the flavor. Shark Bites Fruit Snacks contains 20% of vitamin C which is enough to nourish the body. It is good to prevent inflammation, boost the immune system, and maintain the health of the gums and teeth. This fruit snack is gluten free, cholesterol free, and fat free. You can still have this snack without worrying about your waist.

Shark Bites Fruit Snacks put sugar in the products, but only 13 mg. However excessive consumption may raise blood sugar level as well as the blood pressure and increase weight. Fructose added in the snacks can affect liver function if it is consumed in abundant. Therefore, though it provides vitamin C to the body, it is not suggested to eat this fruit snacks excessively.

It is good to delight ourselves with this delicious snack. It is better than other snacks since it is nutritious and gluten free. No need to worry about gaining weight if we eat it sufficiently. Shark Bites Fruit Snack is available in a box of 10 pouches. Each pouch weighs 9 to 10 oz. With $35.90, you can enjoy this delicious, refreshing, and nourishing fruits snacks.

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