Publix Fruit Tray, Your Party Saviour

Publix Fruit Tray, Your Party SaviourLately, the weather is not so friendly. The temperature raises making the day becomes hotter and hotter. We are always sweating and always feel thirsty. No wonder why we often dehydrate and lose lots of ions. When you come to a party on a day like this, you will find that fruit can a best treat because fruit contains of a lot of vitamins, minerals, and water which work well to replenish our energy and ion. It is a perfect combination to relieve our body condition.

Yes, preparing everything for a party or an event is tiring and complicated. We need to think about every detail and fruit is only one of the details. To help us , Publix Super Markets provides the practical and easy way to hold a party or an event. Since 1930, Publix has been working whole heartedly to help people managing their plan. Event Planning by Publix helps you to make your event becomes a great success. Publix helps you to give the best treat to your guests. You can get assistance to serve the appetizer, main course, and dessert.

Gathering with our family for a dinner is also very special. Publix Sunday Dinner will give you tips, ideas, and recipes to prepare the meals for that very special event. Surely, you will have an unforgettable dinner with your family. Preparing the delicious food for family dinner, party, or other events is not a big deal. Start Something Party Planning Guide by Publix enables you to choose any appetizers, breads, rolls, entrees, side dishes, or desserts that you like to have in the event. Just visit Publix Deli selections or Publix Bakery selections. If you need seafood or meat, choose Other Selections in the website. Everything can be served in a plate or tray.

Well, since preparing fruit needs a lot of time, Publix will help you a lot. You do not need to peel it, cut it, and put it in a plate. Everything is ready to serve on a tray. It really saves a lot of time. All you have to do is just order. Visit the website on www., pick the combination that you like, and order. You can satisfy your guests with various delightful dishes from cheese, meat, to fruit chunks served on a tray.

Publix Fruit Tray: The Selections

The first selection of fruit tray is the assorted fresh fruit of the season’s best. Fresh strawberries, sweet grapes, juicy oranges, crunchy pinneaples and melons are served on a practical tray. The price is various depending on the size. For the small size, which is enough for 8-12 servings, you spend $25.99 for each tray. Medium size suitable for 16-20 servings costs $36.99. If you plan to invite more people, it would be better for you to choose the large one which cost $49.99 to provide 26-30 servings.

If you think that you need to add some more delicious stuffs to your tray, fresh fruit and cheese tray is the best choice. Cheese and fruit which come together on the same tray will create more favorable treat. You can imagine the cruncy texture of apples and cantaloupes and the juicy burst of strawberry and grapes mix together with the delicious taste of delicate cheese. What a perfect treat you may have! Moreover, the cheese used is marvelous like cheddar, manchego, and creamy imported Brie cheese. Of course the cost is worthly paid with the enjoyment of having such a great treat. Spend $40.99, and you can have the medium size. For large size, the cost is $54.99 each.

Other variants of combination between the finest quality of cheese and the freshest fruit available are Imported Artisan Cheese and Jeweled Brie. Imported Artisan Cheese combines mild to creamy cheese, with Camembert to a sharp, and firm English cheddar with the juicy burst of grapes and berries. To give your guest this perfect combination, you do not need to break your piggy bank. With only $59.99, you can serve 16-20 guests.

Among all of the fruit trays, Jeweled Brie is the most dazzling. Covered with honey and rolled with almond and cranberries, this kind of assorted foods becomes the favorite. The freshly cut fruits add the taste. This fruit tray is suitable for small party or event attended by 16-20 people. To get this Jeweled Brie, you only need to spend $49.99 for each tray.

Fruit tray by Publix is not only suitable for a party or an event but also for our daily consumption. It is very easy and practice to maintain our health by consuming enough fruit everyday. The customers deserve the best service, therefore Publix always think about the food safety and quality. For this effort, Publix earns USDA certificate stating that the products are pure organic ingredients. As a reward for the loyal customers, Publix gives interesting coupons which can be downloaded in the website.

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