Incredible Edible Fruit Basket: Where Fruit Becomes Flowers

Incredible Edible Fruit Basket: Where Fruit Becomes FlowersPeople often give flower basket as a romantic gift. Flower basket is a perfect gift for any occasions, such as birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, or valentine. It can be used to express our apology too. Nowadays, the gift in the basket develops. Imitating the beautiful arrangement of flower basket, other kinds of gift basket are designed enchantingly. The contents can be chocolates, candies, cookies, or even fruits.

Fruit basket arrangement resembles flower basket. The colorful fruits are similar to the flowers’ color. The fruits can be cut and carved like flowers. This fruit basket is also good for decoration.One of the famous fruit baskets is fruit basket by Incredible Edibles.

Incredible Edibles was founded in 1984 in a quaint shop of Moorestown, New Jersey. The owner and the founder of Incredible Edibles, Lois DeBello first started the business as catering and lunch cafe. During this business operation, Mr. DeBello made a unique arrangements design of freshest fruits and vegetables in baskets. These beautiful and fabulous arrangements of the fruits and vegetables really infatuated the customers. Since that time,the fruit basket of  Incredible Edibles became famous. Usually the kinds of fruit like strawberry, apples, melons, cantaloupes, oranges, pineapples, and grapes are used to create perfect and beautiful fruit arrangements.

One thing that makes Incredible Edibles fruit basket becomes the favorite is because Incredible Edibles always listen to the customers’ wish to create marvelous designs. The design can customized to meet the customers’ needs. They also pay attention to every little detail, such as the wrappings or the ribbons.

Incredible Edible Fruit Basket: The Products

All designs of Incredible Edibles fruit baskets are gorgeous. They are perfect as gifts for any occasions. You can choose the designs based on your budget.

The Pink Dozen

It will be very romantic to give this gift to your loved ones. One dozen of strawberries dipped in special recipe of pink chocolate and swirled with white chocolate. Others are dipped in the white chocolate and adorned with pink chocolate swirls. Each dozen of this dipped strawberries costs $36

Honey-Do Tool Box

For all handymen, this fruit basket is a suitable gift. Assorted fruits like orange, strawberries, pineapples, grapes, and honey dews are packed in a fancy tool box. To buy this package of fruits in a toolbox, you will spend $80 or $100, depending on the size.

Fruit in a Box

Give your friend this special gift. Chocolate pretzel, chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate truffles are presented in a simple but beautiful box. On the top is adorned with fruit bouquet. What a lovely sight. The price for this Fruit in a Box is $100

Chocolate Pineapple Strawberry Cup

Dark and white chocolate dipped strawberries and Hand dipped chocolate pineapples are arranged in a fancy drinking cup. The price is $36 for each cup

Football Fever

Make your score with Football Fever Fruit Basket. Strawberries, pinneaples, grapes, and melons are arranged in a unique ceramic keepsake football. Spend $65 for this fruit package.

Time to Remember

Do you want to give a beautiful and meaningful gift? Time to Remember is the perfect choice. Assorted fruits are arranged in a fancy clock box. The clock is the really working one. For this gift, you need to spend $75

A is for Apple

This is a perfect gift to appreciate children who successfully learn alphabet. Straberries, oranges, pineapples, and chocolate dipped apples are packed in a cute and colorful ABC box. The price for this fruit gift is $62

Big Bird

For all Sesame Street lovers, assorted colorful fruits packed in a ceramic big bird head is ready to brighten your day. For this Big Bird, you should spend $65

Fall Watering Can

With $68, you can get strawberries , grapes,melons, and pineapples packed in a collectible fall harvest watering can.

The Signatures

Incredible Edibles have two signatures fruit baskets. They are Send Me Flowers Send Me Fruits and Decadent Fruit. Send Me Flowers Send Me Fruits is a signature fruit basket from Incredible Edibles. The carved fruits are available with chocolate truffles, homemade yogurt dip, and chocolate sauce. This fruit basket is available in 4 sizes, with the price ranging from $65 to $125. The signature, Decadent Fruit, is a basket of hand carved fruits completed with hand dipped chocolate strawberries. This fruit basket is also available in 4 sizes, ranging from $75 to $135 for each.

Fruit Basket by Incredible Edibles is also a good choice for present for your loved ones. The shape and color is as beautiful as flower. The difference is that it is edible. Incredible Edibles enables you to send them flowers send them fruits.

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