How to Exterminate Fruit Flies in home?

How to exterminate fruit flies in home. Fruit fly is an insect from the Family Drosophilidae. Adult fruit fly is usually 1 to 8 inches long. It has red eyes and tan thorax. The major color of its body is brown. The color of the top abdomen is black, while the lowest part of it is grey. Fruit fly can migrate for a long distance. The adults can fly 6 miles within 24 hours. The population of fruit fly becomes abundant on harvest time. In that time, they try to find food. Fruit fly searches for ripe fruit and vegetable.

There are 500 species of fruitfly in the world. The types of fruitfly which are commonly found are Mexican fruitfly, Citrus fruitfly, Olive fruitfly, Caribbean fruitfly and Mediterranian fruitfly. Fruitfly population grows rapidly. Like other flies, fruitflies begin their life cycles in the form of eggs. Then they changes into larva before entering pupal stage. The adult fruitflies can live to 30 days. Fruitflies search for organic materials. They are often found decaying fruit. Therefore, they are called fruitflies. However, you can also find this kind of fly breeding on trashbin where organic materials are disposed.

Fruit which is attacked by fruit flies are wrinkled. Many tiny black spots are often found on the surface. It is rotten in the inside. The female fruit flies deposit their eggs by injecting the eggs to the fruit flesh. As time goes, the eggs hatch into larvas. The larvas will stay inside the fruit. These conditions show how fruit flies degrade the quality of the product. To avoid getting bad product, you need to examine the fruit before buying. Make sure that you do not buy the very ripe one because it is more attractive for fruit fly.

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