Halls Fruit Breezers Sugar Berry for Medicine

Halls Fruit Breezers Sugar BerryHaving a sore throat is so awful. It is hard to swallow something.  You feel as if your throat is burned. Itchy and sore. Catching a cold is more annoying. The nose is runny as well as tingling caused you sneeze all the time. It blocks the air which makes you feel harder to breathe. When you cough, the throat irritation becomes worse. You need something to soothe your throat. Drinking a lot of water can be helpful. However, in case of emergency, you need something small, easy, and practical. Probably you can have a drop. You can find it in the drugstores or supermarkets.

A drop is similar to candy. It may be small but it is very helpful.  A drop is actually similar to candy. The shape is oval, just like candy. Though the shape is similar, the benefit is different. Unlike candy, drop contains an active agent called Pectin. Pectin works as an oral demulcent. When it enters the throat, it forms a layer on the mucous membrane to relieve the inflamed mucous membrane. Some people love to have a drop with a cup of tea. The soothing effect is more rapid.

Talking about the drop, Halls Fruit Breezers is famous among other similar products. Halls Fruit Breezer tastes like candy, fresh and sweet. It does not contain any menthol, so it does not feel like taking medicine. The free-menthol substance does not cause stomach upset as well. Halls Fruit Breezers are available in three flavors, Cool Citrus Blend, Cool Berry, and Tropical Chill. All of them are packed attractive bags. Each bag contain about 25 drops. You can also buy the blisters of 8. It is easier and practical, so you can bring it anywhere and anytime you go.

Each drop of Halls Fruit Breezers Cool Berry contain about 7 mg of Pectin, glucose syrup, flavors, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, water, titanium dioxide, and artificial color. Tropical Chill and Cool Citrus Blend have more ingredient, which is beta carotene. The amount of Pectin is effective to help you temporarily soothe your sore throat. It treats minor discomfort and irritated areas. To relieve symptoms of sore throat and sore mouth, adults and children 5 years and over should take 1 or 2 drops of Halls Fruit Breezers at a time. For children under 5 years old, consuming this drop should be supervised by the doctor.

The Dont’s of Halls Fruit Breezers Sugar Berry

Halls Fruit Breezers only temporarily relieve the symptoms of sore throat, so it does not simultaneously heal the disease. After the consumption, the relief lasts for 25 to 35 minutes.  The relief sensation comes from reduced itchy, sore, and tingling sensation caused by the irritation. Therefore, it is suggested to take further medication. Since Halls Fruit Breezers contain considerable amount of active Pectin, dissolving a lot of the drops may lead to overdose. Hence, you need to follow the prescribed direction. Excessive dosage of Halls Fruit Breezers may cause laxative effects. It happens because of the amount of sugar intake.

If you think that you do not feel better after 7 days of consumption or when the irritation or pain get worse, it would be better to visit the doctor. Probably, you have other diseases. If the sore throat is severe and followed by nausea, vomiting, fever, headache or rash, consult your doctor immediately. You might have serious diseases.

People who have diabetes should consult the doctor before consuming Halls Fruit Breezers. Each drop contains glucose which can increase the blood sugar level.

The active ingredient in Halls Fruit Breezers is good to relieve your sore throat. It reduces the itchy, tingling, and burned sensation in your throat. After the dissolving, it forms layers on the surface of the irritated throat, reduces the pain caused by sore throat. Though Halls Fruit Breezers helps to relieve it, you still need to consult the doctor because it only temporarily relieves the symptoms. Before taking, make sure that you also read the suggested direction since excessive intakes may cause overdosage and laxative effect.

Halls Fruit Breezers enables you to relieve sore throat without having the feeling of taking medicine. It is fresh and sweet like candy. For further information, you can go to check the Facebook page. Feel the cool sensation of Halls Fruit Breezers sugar berry



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