What is a fruit filled pastry called?

What is a fruit filled pastry calledNothing is better than having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, when the sunshine breaks into your window panes and gives you a call to rise and shine. Then, you would think that you need something flaky and crispy to combine with. If you think that some pastries would be a very good decision, just go and grab it right away.

Why do and don’t People Love fruit filled Pastry?

Busy people usually like to eat pastry in the morning. Many kinds of pastry such as donnuts, muffins, and soes are the favorites. The reason why they choose to have pastries in the morning is because they do not have much time to fry an egg, toast a slice of bread, or cook some rice. In other words, they want to spend lesser time to have breakfast. For this kind of people, pastry is good for breakfast because it is easier to eat. It does not need a long time to eat pastry because it is usually small and bite-sized. They can even eat it on their way to work.

People prefer to eat pastry if they do not have enough time to have their meals. Dealing with many things to do at work, everything should be practical. If they cannot really manage to have their meals, then they should manage to eat while doing their work. As pastry is small and bite-sized, they can enjoy it while typing with a computer or writing a report. Practical, isn’t it? Perhaps this is the reason why movie often portrays police officer as a busy person who drinks a cup of coffee and eats donuts during their working hours.

Besides the practicality, pastry becomes a best choice to fill our empty stomachs in the morning or during our busy days because of the calories. We can get enough calories from pastry since it is made of wheat, butter, sugar, and milk. The pastry ingredients are rich of carbohydrate and protein. Therefore, the calories contained in the pastry can supply enough energy for us to work.

Pastry has become one of the greatest deserts in the world since centuries ago. Dated back to Mediterranean area, pastry making was popular among the Romans. In this era, they developed a pastry with a filling in the inside and brushed with tasty butter on the outside. In addition, the Egyptians were believed to have the same culinary product in their tradition. However, the recipe itself was recorded in the 16th Century. The Europeans were the first to develop the recipe which resulted in various adoption of pastry in Portuguese, French, and Russian cuisines. The development of pastry making also had the strongest influence in Asian countries such as Korea, China, and Japan. For example, the Japanese adopt a filled-pastry-like cake called Mochi. Throughout those ages up to now, pastry has successfully preserved its existence because of the rich and great taste. People enjoy tasting the flaky and delicate texture of pastry. It is best combined with the juicy filling or topping. Nowadays, the pastry filling and topping are various, such as fruits, cream, cheese, chocolate, beef, and chicken. People can choose the sweet or the savory one. All of them are no doubt delicious.

Some people love pastry, but some others do not. For some people, pastry is considered fattening. If we take a look at the nutrition facts, pastry may contain 450 up to 600 calories per oz. It is two times bigger than the calories in a cup of rice. The abundant calories in pastry originate from the ingredients in it, such as wheat, butter, milk, and sugar. As we all know that wheat itself is a rich source of gluten which makes the pastry dough elastic to roll. The more flour used, the more gluten produced. A good pastry should be flaky and delicate. To make that good texture, a pastry chef should add a large amount of fat from the butter. These show how pastry is greasy and rich in calories. Those who have dieted will automatically prefer to eliminate pastry from their menus.

No need to feel guilty to fruit filled pastry

When you eat pastry, you might be worried about gaining weight. You might feel guilty after inserting abundance of fat and calories to your body. Well, do you really think that the pastry will make you gain lots of weight? Is pastry really fattening? The answer is definitely a YES. IF you overheat it. All foods are indeed fattening if they are overeating.

Quoting the words of a famous pastry chef in France, Chef Pierrick Boyer of Le Petit Gateau, ‘If you eat in moderation and you choose the right, quality product, you can eat cake every night of the week if you want to’. So, what do you need to worry about? The French are fond of having pastries for dessert, but they are still in good shape because they prefer the quality of the products instead of the quantity. Therefore, they choose the finest ingredients to make their pastries. Besides, they prefer to eat in small portion. That is why they usually serve pastry in bite size.

If it is impossible to reduce the calories, why don’t you change the greasy pastry into the nutritious one? It is a wise decision to add fruit to your pastry, such as berries, pineapples, apples, bananas, apricots, or cherries. Then you will get the great taste, flaky, delicate, sweet and juicy.


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