fruit leather dehydrator recipe Raw

Fruit Leather Dehydrator and the Recipe RawHarvest is coming in. The fruit stock is in abundant. For some people (who have time and passion), the fruit will be processed to preserve it. Some of the processes products are dried fruit, frozen fruit, fruit jam, fruit jelly, or fruit juice. There is also another way to preserve fruit. This method combines drying fruit and jamming techniques. It is called fruit leather. Fruit leather is a rolled-pureed fruit. It is called leather because the shiny surface of the fruit puree resembles leather. To make it, Fruit Leather Dehydrator is often used.

Why fruit leather dehydrator recipe Raw?

Drying process is expected to remove the moisture from the fruit leather. It results in lighter and smaller foods. The moisture removal prevents the bacteria to live. Yeasts and molds will not grow on the fruit leather spoiling it. Dring the fruit using Fruit Leather Dehydrator minimizes the wrong drying process. The maximum temperature for drying fruit is 140 F. Higher temperatures makes the fruit leather’s surface becomes harden, but the inside part is still moist. After the wrong dying process, the fruit leather will mold because of the moisture left during storage. Thus, the drying process should use proper temperature. Since Fruit Leather Dehydrator is designed to dry fruit, it has already been equipped with the temperature control suitable for drying fruit leather.

Fruit Leather Dehydrator helps you a lot to make fruit leather. It saves more time to dry the fruit puree because Fruit Leather Dehydrator has many trays. Drying with oven takes approximately 18 hours, while using Fruit Leather Dehydrator, drying process only spends 6 to 8 hours for the fruit to dry. L’Equip food dehydrators and Excalibur food dehydrators are best known of the finest quality. L’Equip food dehydrators provide various compact size and striking design. Excalibur food dehydrators offer the practical and easy way to remove any food drying tray without moving other trays. Stay tune in Aris Wahyu Murdiyanto blog

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