Frozen Fruit Pie

Frozen Fruit Pie. Crunchy, juicy, sweet, nutritious and fresh are the best words to describe the fruit. The fruit is rich of nutrition. People who are concerned about their nutrient intake always consume fruit to meet their nutrition needs. Eating fruit is good to prevent digestive problem, inflammation, and other diseases because it maintains our immune system.

Things that you need to know about frozen fruit

As the demands of fruit production increase, fruit supply too many grocery stores and supermarkets rises significantly. Even during off-season, demands to the fruits seem to never end. Therefore, preservation attempt is needed to keep the marketing stable. Freezing the fruit is considered as the best way to expand the fruitage. When the fruit is frozen, it reduces the growth of microorganisms. This prevents the fruit from fast spoiling. Therefore, the frozen fruit will last longer than the fresh one.

You do not need to be worried about the nutrition absorption. Frozen fruit and fresh fruit have equal amount of nutrition. Therefore, eating frozen fruit is just as nutritious as consuming the fresh one.

A fruit which is prepared for being frozen is picked when it fully ripens. Therefore, it is richer in nutrition. The freezing process does not degrade the amount of the nutrition in frozen fruits. Even frozen fruit may contain higher amount of nutrition than that of fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is usually stored for a long time. We might not know how long it stays in the transport or storage. It has a greater probability to be highly exposed to heat and light. As a result, it loses the amount of vitamin.

However, frozen fruit may lose the amount of nutrition in it. Before the fruit is frozen, it requires a process called blanching. The blanching process eliminates microorganisms living in the fruit. Thus, fresh fruit can be stored within a long period of time. When the fruit is blanched, some enzymes are deactivated. The enzyme deactivation prevents the fruit from changing its color and losing its flavor. Even though the quality is maintained, it is possible that the vitamins in the fruit decrease. In blanching process, the fruit will be immersed in hot boiling water for about 1 minute. The temperature varies from 75 to 105°C. The Long blanching process causes the fruit to lose its water-soluble vitamins. The concentration of vitamin C decreases up to 10%, while vitamin B decreases from 20 to 60%.

If you often buy frozen fruit, you will also notice that its texture is softer than that of the fresh one. The softer texture is caused by thawing process. Frozen fruit contains more amount of water. When the frozen fruit is kept in the fridge, the water turns into ice crystals which fill the cell walls. During the thawing process, the ice crystal melts and stretches the wall. Therefore, the texture becomes porous and softer.

Many kinds of fruit can be stored frozen, such as berries, melons, plums, apricots, bananas, pineapples, kiwis, mangoes, apples, papayas, and cherries. Frozen fruit is best eaten before it is fully thawed. You can eat it right away or process it into sweet snacks and desserts. The most popular way to process fruit is to make it into fruit pie.

how to thaw a baked frozen fruit pie?

Pie is baked cake made from pastry dough with sweet or savory filling in the inside. It was first introduced by the Egyptians in New Stone Age Period. This is evident when it was discovered on the wall of the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II, who ruled Egypt during 1304-1237 BC. From that era, pie has been adapted and developed up to now. Savory pie is popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. They fill the pie with tasty fillings such as minced beef, cheese, chicken and mushroom, or steak and kidney. Savory pies are also served with chips as an alternative to a meal. The Americans even develop their own savory pie recipe. They do not only fill the pot pies with meat, but also vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and peas. They also serve sweet fruit pies with a scoop of ice cream. What a wonderful combination.

Among many kinds of fruit pie, apple pie, which originally comes from England, is the most famous. The sweet filling and aroma create a wonderful taste in the mouth. Actually, we can make the pie fillings from other fruits. Berries and cherries also work well. Frozen fruit can be a good choice for pie fillings. The softer texture of frozen fruit will definitely add the taste.

Pie combined with frozen fruit is a good source of nutrition. The pie crust is rich of carbohydrate and protein since it is made of wheat. Adding the nutrition, frozen fruit contains a high concentration of vitamin and mineral. Therefore, frozen fruit pie is good for our health.

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