Excalibur Fruit Trees, Exotic and Tropical

Excalibur Fruit Trees, Exotic and TropicalTropical area is famous of the tropical fruit. Tropical fruit such as pineapple, banana, mango, and soursoup is sweet, sour, and juicy. Therefore, people love tropical fruits. Since tropical fruits become many people’s favorite, they are sold worldwide in the form of fresh fruit, dry fruit, frozen fruit, or juice.

Growing your own tropical fruit tree is more enjoyable. You can have the experience to cultivate the land, water the plant, and harvest the fruits. It is a pleasure to wait until the fruits ripen on the trees. You can enjoy the fruits with your family or share it with your friends or neighbors. For those who want to grow with your own,  Excalibur Fruit Trees are ready to help you.

Excalibur Fruit Trees offer selections of tropical and unusual trees. Various fruit trees and ornamental trees are available. It is located in Lake Worth, Florida. Being established in 2005, the Excalibur Fruit Trees nursery has been working on tropical plant nursery. Excalibur collects the plants from England, Vietnam, and Trinidad. Since the fruits come from different areas, they are various in species. People prefer to buy the fruit plants in Excalibur Fruit Trees because of the large number of the varieties of the tropical and rare plants. The price is also affordable. All the staffs in Excalibur Fruit Trees give the customers the very best service and have knowledge about the plants sold. The nursery also offers the plants with the highest quality to the customers.

On a area of 15 acres, you will be taken to a tour in a golfcart to choose the tropical fruit that you want. The guides are ready to help you to decide the best plants which are suitable for you. If you have some questions about the tropical plants, do not hesitate to ask because the knowledgeable guides will help you to answer your questions. When you are not sure about the taste of the fruit, just tell the guides, and they will pick it for you to taste.

The Varieties

As mentioned before, Excalibur Fruit Trees provide varieties of plants from England, Vietnam, and Trinidad. You can buy some tropical plants such as abiu, akee, allspice, apple, araza, atemoya, avocado, banana, barbados cherry as well as gooseberry, bay rum, bay leaf, bignay, black pepper, bilimbi, black sapote, blueberry, blackberry, breadfruit, cambuca, calabash, canistel, candle nut, carambola, cassava, cashew, cecropia, champedak, cherimoya, cherry of rio grande, cinnamon, many kinds of citrus, cocoa, coffee, cupuassu, curry leaf, custard apple, dovyalis, dragon fruit, durian, fig, plum, various grapes, many kinds of guava, ilama, jaboticaba, jackfruit, jujube, katuk, kwai muk, langsat, lemon grass, mangosteen, longan, loquat, lychee varieties, various macadamia nuts, malabar nut, many kinds of mango, miracle fruit, monkey pod nut, soursop, monstera deliciosia, mulberry varieties, nance, nectarine varieties, noni, nutmeg, papaya varieties, passion fruit, peach, many kinds of pear, pedalai, pepper, persimon, pineapple varieties, pitomba, pomegranate varieties, pulasan, rambutan, raspberry, salak, rollinia, santol, sapodilla, soncoya, tamarind, jambu, and tarap.

You can also buy the ornamental plants, such as african tulip, angel trumpet, bamboo, alocasia, anthurium, buganvilla, gardinia, dessert rose, crinum lilly, ground orchid, jasmine, jacaranda, magnolia, and champaca.

Are you amazed of the varieties of tropical plants offered? Just pay a visit to Excalibur Fruit Trees on Monday to Saturday at 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM


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