Cushman’s Honeybell Fruit Review

Cushman Honeybell Fruit Review. Citrus fruit is refreshing and sweet. This makes citrus fruit becomes people’s favorite. Therefore, innovation in both the marketing and production always exist in the business. One of the pioneers in the innovation is Cushman. Dated back to 1945, when Ed Cushman opened a small fruit stall and gift fruit packing in West Palm Beach, Florida. Once, he was unpacking grapefruits and oranges from the truckload. To his surprise, he found a strange looking orange on the back of the truck. It was fiery and bell-shaped. Being astonished, he said, “What the devil is this?”

When everyone there peeled and tasted it, it turned out that the taste was mesmerizing. “Sweet as honey,” they said. This strange looking orange even did not have seed at all. That was the time when cushman honeybell fruit were born.

cushman honeybell fruit

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Based on the study, cushman honeybell fruit are not even an orange. They are the hybrid of a Duncan Grapefruit and a Dancy Tangerine. Actually, those kinds of fruit are seeded. Surprisingly, the hybrid product is seedless. The taste is sweeter than any other oranges and it is more juicy.

The Orders – Cushman’s honeybell Fruit Review

Unfortunately, honey bell is only available once a year based on the season. It is only available on January. If you are interested to send this to your friends or family or just enjoy the taste, order now to reserve cushman honeybell fruit for next January. Before the gift arrives on January, a colorful gift announcement card is sent on December.

The size of Honey Bell is various, starting from the smallest to the biggest one. The smallest size is Kisses, then the Care Package and Juicy Sweet Honey Bells, followed by Honey Bells the Great Crate. The middle-sized is Extra Juices. It is followed by Supremes and Crown Jewels. The largest is Giant and Spoonful of Heaven.

Package size is also various. Lite Sized Sampler weighs 5 lbs, Large Sampler weighs 8 lbs, Small Family Size weighs 13 lbs, All Time Favorites is 16 lbs. For Family Size, it is 24 lbs in weight while Grand Family Size weighs 32 lbs. Besides Honey Bells, you can also order apples, christmas red navels, clementines, crown ruby red grapefruits, gold nectarines, golden pineapples, HD royal riviera pears, honey mangoes, honey tangerines, royal tandora, star mangoes, summertime bing cherries, temple oranges, and valencia oranges.

Order now and delight your friend, your family, and neighbors with this marvelous treat. Your personalized gift message will be put in the box. Your name will also be printed on the box to indicate the sender of the gift. If the service is not satisfying, Cushman is ready to give replacement or refund. To minimize any wrecks, Cushman will ship the products when it is not in the peak of maturity, so the fruits arrive in the best condition. This effort also minimizes the fruit decay. The gift usually arrives 10 to 14 days after the order. For soft fruits like cherries, peaches, nectarines, and plums usually take 7 to 10 days to arrive. Weekend days are not included.

Sometimes the customers experience unexpected delays. In case it happens, Cushman will send a substitute item with equal or greater value to ensure that the recipients receive the package within the intended days.

Though Cushman honeybell fruit are meant to be seedless, sometimes seeds can be found in the flesh. The cause is the honeybees taking pollen from the seeded varieties of grapefruits  and oranges near the fields. However, it does not affect the taste. The sweetness will not be reduced, so you can still enjoy this limited edition fruit.

Just order now, enjoy the sweetness, and delight your family or friend. Cushman also puts special offers in newspaper and magazine. You can get special coupon. Send the photo of you enjoying the gift of Cushman. If your picture gets selected, you can get $100 gift card. What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity!

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