Food Combining Fruit and Vegetable in The Same Meal

Food Combining Fruit and Vegetable in The Same MealPeople will be worried when they know that they gain weight. To cope with, they will reduce their meal portions by skipping breakfast, eating less for lunch, and avoiding dinner. They believe that by eating less will help them to lose weight. Will this work? People assume that the major cause of overweight is eating a lot. They are willing to stay hungry for a long time. Eating less helps the body to reduce the fat, but it is not good for the metabolism. Our bodies need more energy to burn fats. Eating less food indeed reduces weight significantly. However, it does not reduce the amount of fat in the body. Instead of losing the fat, we lose weight because we lose the amount of water and glycogen. A good diet should consider the metabolic systems and activities.

Food Combining Healthy Fruit and Vegetable to Lose Weight

What makes people overweight?

Sometimes we find people who have been struggling to lose their weight, but it does not bring any effects at all. There are many factors that cause the overweight problem. People may gain their weight significantly because they have diseases. Some people suffer the thyroid gland defect. These people should consult the doctor to control their weight. Mostly, they are suggested to control their eating pattern. People who have abnormal nutrition absorption or liver function defect easily gain weight. Low calorie diet can help them.

Food Combining Fruit and Vegetable in The Same Meal

Food Combining Fruit and Vegetable in The Same Meal by vegan-raw-diet[dot]com

Physiologic condition is also one of the factors which cause overweight. Children may gain weight during their growth period. Pregnant women and older women easily gain weight because of the unbalance hormones produced. Adults who are less active are likely to gain weight. The person’s psychological condition affects their weight. Being stressed tends to increase their appetite.

 Food Combining Fruit and Vegetable to Lose Weight

Fruit has very little amount of protein and fat. Therefore people consume a lot of fruits during their diet programs. Fruit is good for our digestive systems. It helps to eliminate unprocessed food in the intestine. The water and fiber function to clean waste in it. The body does not require so much effort to process fruit to become energized. Therefore, consuming fruit supplies energy immediately. 300 grams of fruit supply 125 calories. Fruit is best consumed in the morning because that is the most efficient time for the body to dispose metabolism waste from the bloods, organs, and skins.

Unlike fruit, vegetable has a lesser concentration of sugar. Therefore, vegetable can be combined with protein or carbohydrate. The fiber is denser compared to that of fruit. Thus, the body needs longer time to process vegetable. Vegetable is a rich source of nutrients. Mostly, vegetable contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Unfortunately, some vitamins and minerals in the vegetable degrade when it is cooked or washed. Therefore, you need to wash it before you cut it. Wash it thoroughly to eliminate chemical substances. Make sure that you do not overcook.

Food Combining Fruit and Vegetable to Lose Weight

Food combining is the method to manage nutrition absorption by balancing the nutrition and the metabolism. This helps to minimize the amount of food and metabolism remains in the body. Food combining requires people to optimize the nutrition intake and the absorption and balance the food with the metabolism. This method is popular in the 1800s in Europe, America, and Australia.

Fruit and vegetable are good to combine with other food. The natural sugar in vegetable and fruit can supply energy. People who have diabetes and obesity should pay attention to the blood sugar. To supply the energy from sugar, they may consume the food which contains natural sugar such as fruit and vegetable. This natural sugar does not increase the blood sugar level in the body.

Vegetable contains whole starch. Whole starch is rich of vitamin, mineral, and fiber. Since fruit is rich of fiber which is easily processed, it is best combined with whole starch from the vegetable. Fiber and whole starch are good for dieting. They make the full sensation in the stomach lasts longer.

When you do not have time to cook, you can have vegetable juice. You can combine fruit juice with vegetable juice. Some fruits are effective to help you lose your weight. They are melon, papaya, apple, and pineapple. These fruits are low in calories and fat, but contain abundant vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Fibers help you to feel full longer. The fruit like apple is sodium-low. It helps diet program because it prevents excessive amounts of water in the body. The vitamins in fruit are good for your health during the diet. Carrot, broccoli, and bit are good for diet. These vegetables are so nutritious but low in calories. They can serve all vitamins that you need to have in a day. For example, a glass of carrot juice gives 250% of vitamin A. Fruit juice and vegetable juice should be drunk separated. You are not suggested to mix fruit and vegetable in one juice because it will be hard to digest.

Food combining fruit and vegetable in the same meal in your diet is effective to supply the needs of vitamins and minerals. This is what so called healthy diet. So, are you ready to lose your weight? stay tune in Aris Wahyu Murdiyanto blog

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