List of African Fruits with Pictures

List of African Fruits with Pictures. Africa has tropical climate. It is wet and dry, somewhat humid. This causes plantation is widely spread in Africa. Therefore, Africa has large variety of plantations. One of them is fruit. Africa has variety of fruits. Fruits from this continent are tropical. The trees can live in tropical countries. Here are several kinds of African fruit included in the list.

African cherry orange

List of African Fruits with Pictures number one is African cherry orange which has Latinese name as Citropsis articulata comes from West Africa. Therefore, this fruit is called as West African cherry orange. This fruit is also native of Central Africa. But the most widespread cultivation of this cherry orange is in Uganda. From the name, it can be implied that this fruit is actually a sort of citrus which is as big as cherry. People in Uganda call this fruit as omuboro. Omuboro have been long utilized as fruit as well as herbal medicine. Right now, the number of this fruit gradually decreases due to the high demand of consumption. People are now in action of protecting this fruit.

African cherry orange

list of african fruits with pictures – African cherry orange

African mango

List of African Fruits with Pictures number two is African mango, actually this fruit is famous of the ‘nuts’ instead of the flesh. But the flesh can be consumed too. Fruit which has binomial name as Irvingia gabonensis appears like a mango. People eat the flesh as well as the seeds which are known as the nuts. This fruit has many names. You can call it as African mango, wild mango, or bush mango. But it has local names as dika or ogbono.

African mango has very unique appearance. The shape is spherical. The color becomes green when ripes and the flesh will turn into orange. Tropical climate is suitable for the tree to live. It can live in wet and dry temperature of African tropical climate. It is naturally found in tropical forests. But people in Angola, Congo, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and Togo cultivate this fruit for consumption.

This famous mango from Africa has many uses. People can eat the flesh and the nuts. People can eat the flesh right away. They also process the flesh into fruit jam, jelly, juice, and sometimes wine. After eating the flesh, people will crack the episperm to get the seed. This seed is full of protein and fat. It can be eaten right away or as roasted nut. Sometimes it is made as butter or chocolate. The seed which is rich of fat can be processed to get the oil. The oil then will be used as cooking oil, cosmetic, or medicinal use. African mango also contains pulp. The fruit pulp can be used as natural coloring substance.

African mango

African mango in the list of african fruits with pictures – image by


List of African Fruits with Pictures number three is Sofu, there’s many people are still unfamiliar with this fruit. This exotic fruit is native to African countries. Safou has binominal name as Dacryodes edulis. The tree lives in tropical forests of Africa, mostly in Angola and Nigeria. The humid temperature supports this plant to live. Due to the shape which is sort of like pear, this fruit is also famous as African pear.

Safou appears like pear which has blue to violet color. The flesh is pale green. Safou is famous of the fat, amino acids, and vitamin. Eating this fruit is believed to reduce starvation.


Safou on the list of african fruits with pictures


Marula, an exotic fruit from Africa has Latinese name as Sclerocarya birrea. Marula is widely spread in Southern and Eastern Africa. People let the fruits ripe on the tree and collect it when they fall off. The fruit’s skin changes from green to yellow when it ripes. The flesh tastes sweet and contains seed. Because the flesh can be fermented,this fruit is largely produced as liquor.

Horned melon

Horned melon or famous as African cucumber has very unique shape. The fruit which has binominal name as Cucumis metuliferus is native to Africa. From the name, you can imagine that this fruit has unique thorny shape. The skin which has thick thorns like pineapple or durian changes into yellow color when it ripes. The flesh is green with seeds like cucumber. The taste is like banana with jelly texture like cucumber.

Miracle fruit

Miracle fruit or miracle berry is native to West Africa. This fruit has binominal name as Synsepalum dulcifium. It has bright red color. The flesh contains miraculin. This miraculin can affect the taste buds on the tongue causing it to taste sweet only. If you drink lemonade, it will taste like sweet syrup. That is why this fruit is called miracle fruit.

Those are several kinds of fruits that can be found in Africa. They are exotic and tropical. Maybe you are familiar with some of them, but probably you do not know the others. Though they are actually native to African countries, nowadays, people try to cultivate them in other parts of the world. If you have a chance, make sure you try those exotic fruits.

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